Configuring Site Widgets


Widgets are perfect for including on your external sites like blogs and personal Home Pages. Your visitors on these sites will be able to do perform quick searches, discover their home's worth, and contact you through use of these widgets. This will help drive traffic from your external sites to the results on your RealGeeks hosted IDX solution.

Widgets we offer include:

1. Contact Widget
2. Search Widget
This is for use on older templates
3. New Search Widget
This is for use on newer templates: Miranda, Miranda Thin, and Molly
4. Seller Leads Widget
This is available for a fee with the Seller Lead Valuation Tool

Important Notes

  • Make sure the domain '' is set to the actual domain of your site!
  • Wait until your site is live to use the search and seller leads widget.
    These widgets will not display properly until your site is live as they are linked to your live domain rather than your development domain.
  • Do not include the 'https://'. Use only the domain name.
  • Insert this code into the body of your page.
    DO NOT put it in the header, and do not put it at the very bottom of the page (unless you want the widget to be at the very bottom!)
  • Make sure you adjust the widget and height properly and give the widgets enough space (the Wide Layout should be at least 340px wide, and the Thin Layout should have at least 240px.

Search Widget

The Search Widget generator can be located within the administrative area of your website.

  1. After logging in to your site backend, click on New Search Widget. This is in the Widgets category.
  2. This will launch the configuration tool where you can configure the basic dimensions of the widget.
  3. There are two layouts the widget can be generated into.
    -The wide layout is optimized for a broad appearance with side by side dropdown menus.

    -The thin layout is optimized for a vertical appearance, which can be placed in sidebars due to dropdowns that are positioned on top of each other.
  4. Make sure that the domain is set to your active domain name or the widget will not generate properly. You will know it is generating properly if the preview is visible.
  5. After tailoring the widget to your liking, click the “Click to Get Code” button.
  6. A window will pop up displaying code for you to copy to your clipboard or a blank text file.
  7. You can place this code directly into the source code (<>) of any website.

Seller Leads Widget

1. Log in to your site backend.
2. Scroll down to widgets and click on Seller Leads Widget.
3. Double-check that the domain is correct.
4. Choose your widget's background color (if necessary).
5. Press click to get Code.
6. Copy and paste this code into your desired location's source code.

Click here to learn more about the seller leads widget.

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