How to Access the Real Geeks CRM


Access the Real Geeks CRM to streamline your daily lead interactions, organize your database for quick information access, and cultivate stronger relationships with your network of contacts.

Access the CRM

Visit to access the CRM. Enter the email address and password associated with your Real Geeks account to login.

Reset Password

In the event that you forget your password or need to perform a password reset, click "Forgot Password" or visit

Agent/Admin Access

If you are a member of a team, the account owner will be responsible for adding you to the Real Geeks platform.

To do this, go to account owner must grant your team access to the CRM through the CRM Users page.

Please Note

If you want to grant the user access to edit the website, create custom workflows, or utilize the Facebook Tool, you will need to grant the user permissions through the Real Geeks Account Manager. Learn how to provide these additional permissions through our User Permission guide.

Manage Multiple Websites with One Account

Easily switch between CRM’s for other Real Geeks Accounts you’re a member of. Select the domain name in the top-right corner of the Lead Manager, and select the appropriate account.

Please Note

This method requires a single email address for all accounts. If different email addresses are used, agents will need to manually log out and log back in with the appropriate email.

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