The CRM Lead Manager features several different types of notifications users can receive based on both the activities of the leads in their system and the activities of other users in the CRM. Learn more about setting up notifications below.

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Enabling Notifications

Prior to accessing notifications settings, the permission to adjust these needs to be enabled by an administrator.

  • Users: Contact your Lead Manager administrator and request permission to access your notification settings
  • Administrators: Locate the user who needs to have notification permissions enabled in your list of users. In the user's profile, checkmark the "Notifications" permission.

Once notifications are enabled, the user will be able to access their notification settings. Admins: The option to enable notifications for a user is up to you, but if a user does not have notification permissions enabled, you will need to set up the notifications for them.

Notification settings are accessible either in a Users' profile or under the specific notifications tab in the Lead Manager's settings.

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Notification Destinations

There are three separate notification destinations that can be set up in a user's profile:

  • Primary Email - Primary notification address, usually matches the login email.
  • Alternate Emails - Recieve notifications at additional email addresses. Can have multiple addresses, separated by a comma.
  • SMS Notifications - Add your phone number to the "SMS Notification" field if you wish to receive notifications via text message. 


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Browser Notifications


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Why am I not receiving text notifications?

The most common answers to this are that either there is no phone number added in the SMS Notification Field (figure 1), or there are no notifications checked under the “Text” column (figure 2). Please ensure both are completed correctly for each user that wishes to be notified by text.

If you do not see Notification settings, please contact your website admin.

Figure 1

Figure 2

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