Mass Emails (eBlast)


This section contains all the eBlasts that you had sent out from the Lead Manager system. You can view the statistics of the eBlasts that you send out, such as how many opens and clicks an email to a lead had.

Sending eBlasts

To send eBlasts (available only to Admins and Team Leaders, or Agents who have been granted eBlast permissions), go to Lead Manager:

  1. Go to the leads page.
  2. Perform a search or click the checkbox next to all leads you would like to reach.
  3. Click the “Actions” button and select “eBlast”.
  4. Choose to send the eBlasts to only those checked or all leads in your current search.
  5. From the popup, you can choose an existing email template to modify, or you can start from scratch.
  6. Edit the Subject and Body as needed. As with workflow emails, you can add merge fields like {{LEAD_FIRST_NAME}} to automatically insert lead information.
  7. Also as with workflow emails, any leads that are missing data for a merge field will not receive the eBlast.
  8. Take a moment to carefully proofread your email, then click “Next”.
  9. Verify the action on the confirmation screen. Once you click “Send eBlast”, there is no way to cancel delivery!
  10. Click “Send EBlast” to queue your emails for delivery.

Important: After clicking “Send eBlast” there is no way to cancel delivery, so please carefully proofread double-check your email and the leads you want to reach. Emails will be queued for delivery, so they will not arrive immediately.

Please Note: Leads that have opt-out of contact will not be included within the eBlast

Example Scenario

In this example, we have a listing that is not yet on the market and we want to send it to all leads that have searched for properties in that area.

In the advanced search, we would filter all leads that have searched for properties in a certain area. For this example, we'll set the filter to look for leads who have been looking for properties in a neighborhood, Lanikai.

Step 1: Go to the “Leads” tab in your lead manager.

Step 2: Click the “Advanced Search” button on the right side of the page.

Step 3: Enter the criteria to filter leads.

  • To search for leads who are looking in a certain area, select the “Property location” option in the first dropdown.
  • Type in the area, for example, Lanikai.
  • Click the “Add filter” button.

Step 4: Click the “Actions” button on the top right of the page.

  • Select the “eBlast” option.

Step 5: Click the “In Search” circle option because we want to send to ALL the 41 leads that we filtered.

a. Give your eBlast a name (this is for your reference only)

b. Optional: If you have already created an eBlast template you want to use, you can select it. However, in this example, we are creating a new one.

c. From: Choose whether you would like the eBlast to appear from the “Assigned agent” or the Default sender.

d. Enter the subject of your email. You can use the Merge field dropdown to automatically insert Lead and Agent information.

e. Write your message. You can add Merge fields to automatically insert Lead and Agent information, such as {{FIRST_NAME}} to insert the Lead's first name and {{AGENT_EMAIL_SIGNATURE}} to insert the Agent's signature. (Note: Some of the merge fields will not work if you are running a test) Click here for a complete list of available Merge Fields (under Drip Merge Field).

f. Optional: You can add a specific calendar date to send the eBlast.

g. You can send a test email to yourself to see how it looks.

Click here to learn more about the drip feature.

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