How do I do Domain Verification for the Facebook tool?


To create “boosted posts” or “posts only” with our tool, you’ll first need to verify your domain with Facebook

Using the Verification Tool

You will need to go into and use the "New Ad/Post" button to select an ad template

After selecting a template and adding the link to your website, a banner warning will appear:


click the "Verify Domain" button verify_domain_button.png and do the following: 

1. Go to

2. Select the Business Account you are using for your Facebook Ads

3. Once on this page, click on the Add button.


4. Type your domain name in the text box (e.g.


5. You may need to refresh your browser before continuing to the next step

6. You will now land on a DNS Verification page. On this page, you will need to copy the TXT record provided. 


7. Once the record has been copied, please email that code to

After this has been confirmed, you can proceed with generating a boosted post or regular Facebook Post with the Real Geeks Facebool Tool


Page Ownership

Once your domain is verified, you will also need to add your Page so that you are able to post through it. To do this:

1. Click "Add Assets"

2. Select the Business Page that you currently own

3. Press "Add" add.png



Once you verify your page with Facebook, you should be able to refresh the Facebook tool and create a Boosted Post or Post Only.

Verification Failed

If the domain verification process failed, make sure you have sent the verification using our support form and received confirmation that your TXT record has been installed.

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