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The property valuation tool gives you the opportunity to capture seller leads. We contracted with a third party service to deliver home price estimates and combined this with our lead capture system to deliver seller leads to your Lead Manager.

If you would like to test drive the seller leads tool, check out

Here is a walkthrough video that explains how the Seller Lead tool works:

Screencast: Seller Lead Generation Tool Setup and Lead Follow up

Page Map: Seller Lead Generation Tool Landing Page

Scenarios: Seller Lead Generation 

We create a seller lead if:

  • our service is able to find the homes valuation and the user completes the registration form
  • we are unable to provide a valuation but the user supplied additional information as well as completed the registration form
  • a user performs a home valuation but chose not to register with their contact information at that time

Note: Potential Seller Leads take about an hour to appear in the Lead Manager dashboard

Google AdWord campaign

If you are running a Google AdWord CPC campaign, we run the same conversion code as your buyer lead registration form.


1. Log in to your account at and go to your site admin.

2. Find the section titled, “Seller Leads Generation Tool - Settings”

3. Choose to enable Seller Leads

4. Once you enable seller leads for your site, you will then be given the URL to your Seller Lead Landing page.

5. You will have the opportunity to customize your Auto Responder Email templates.

6. Customize your landing page information here.

Disabling the Tool

If you would like to disable the tool, please let our support team know by filling out our support form.

Any changes will be reflected when the current billing cycle finishes.

Lead manager Notifications


There are 3 notifications in the lead manager relating to the seller lead tool.

Seller Leads valuation inquiry: This notification is sent when the user registers with their contact information.

New Potential Seller Leads: This notification is sent when the user did not complete the registration, you are still given the home valuation search information.

Agents — Seller Leads valuation inquiry: This notification is sent when of your agents existing clients complete the valuation.

Lead Manager Lead Assignment

Seller lead assignment work in a similar way as your buyer lead assignment with the flexibility to allow you to handle these leads apart from your buyer leads.

Third Party Integration

MailChimp: You can segment Seller Leads from buyer leads in Mailchimp

Infusionsoft: There is a spot for a separate action set ID for Seller Leads

Please work with your trainer to generate this Seller Lead action set ID and update your Infusionsoft setting in the Lead Manager. (

The Seller Lead Widget

**Wait until your site is live to use this widget.**

Widgets may not display properly until your site is live as they are linked to your live domain rather than your development domain.

How to find the widget and add the code to the source code of your pages/sidebar

1. Go to your site backend, <yourdomain>.com/admin. Click “Seller Leads Widget”.

2. Change the button “Background color” of your widget here. Click on “Click to get Code” to get the Seller Lead Widget code.

3. A popup with the code will appear. Clicking on the code will highlight the whole thing. Copy the code. (Keyboard shortcut: cntrl+c on a PC or command+c on a mac)

4.1. After you copy the code, go to the page you want the widget on. You would add the code in the source code, which looks like this: <>.

4.2. A popular place to add the code is in the sidebar.

You will want your sidebar item to be marked to “Custom Content”. This sidebar item type will allow you to insert the code.

5. Paste the code in the source code: <> (Keyboard shortcut: ctrl+ c for PC or command+v for Mac)

This is how it will look:

If you have any questions, contact support.

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