Using Zapier you can connect Real Geeks with many other lead generation services and CRMs. See their list of available integrations and how it works.

First of all, you need to create an account in Zapier. They have a free basic plan and more advanced and paid options.

Get Started

Real Geeks app inside Zapier has two options: you can use it as a Trigger or as an Action

  1. Trigger: the New Lead trigger will send new leads created in Real Geeks to the destination you configure in Zapier
  2. Action: the Create Lead action allows you to send leads from any Zapier integration to Real Geeks

First, create a new Zap.

Then you'll pick the trigger you want. Once you select the Real Geeks app the first step will be to authenticate with your Real Geeks account. Click “Connect a New Account”.

You will then get a pop-up window from Real Geeks asking you to sign in with your Real Geeks account.

After you sign in, you will get sent back to your Zap where you now have your Real Geeks account connected.

Use New Lead Trigger from Real Geeks (EXPORTING ONLY)

New Lead triggers when a lead is created in Real Geeks, be it a new sign up on the website, a lead added manually on the Lead Manager, or even leads generated with custom sources you have configured before.

When you are creating your Zap, after signing in with your Real Geeks account, the New Lead trigger will ask for your site.

If you have more than one Real Geeks site and want to trigger leads from all of them, you’ll need one Zap per site.

When you select your site and click Continue, Zapier will attempt to test your account by fetching one lead from your Lead Manager.

You will need to have at least one existing lead in your Lead Manager, if you don’t have any please go ahead and create a lead manually in your Lead Manager before continuing.

By clicking Fetch & Continue Zapier will connect to your Lead Manager, fetch the newest lead, and ensure the connection with Real Geeks is working.

Now your trigger is configured. The next step is to set up Actions and optionally Filters in between.

You're all done!

Use Create Lead Action from Real Geeks (IMPORTING ONLY)

Create Lead action will create a new lead in Real Geeks. The lead will be added to your Lead Manager and also your website. If you have other integrations configured with Real Geeks this lead will also be sent to them.

When you are creating your Zap, after signing in with your Real Geeks account, the Create Lead action will prompt you to fill up the lead fields.

Lead details like name and phone number should have values that originated from the Trigger step of your Zap. The possible field values will vary depending on the Trigger you’re using.

After you mapped those fields click Continue. You will be asked to test the integration by sending a lead from your Trigger to Real Geeks.

The last step will ask to name your Zap and turn it on.

You’re all done!

Upgrade to new app

If you are already using Zapier with our private beta the upgrade to our new app is really simple.

First, edit your Zap.

Note how the name of the App you're using is now Real Geeks 1.1 (Legacy)

Make your edit and now pick the App called Real Geeks

A new step will prompt you to choose your Real Geeks site this Zap is associated with.

If you're using Create Lead Action the fields will have to be mapped again, just follow the normal Zap steps.

Email Parsing

If you are interested in learning about email parsing, click here.


We have some Zap templates to help you get started.


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