Agentology integration


Real Geeks can send leads to Agentology where a specialized agent will respond within minutes via Phone, SMS, and Email, and log all activity in real time back to Real Geeks.

New leads are sent over to Agentology. Activities are sent from Agentology to Real Geeks as notes with information like SMS transcripts, call logs, etc.

How to connect

First send an email to asking for your Partner ID for Real Geeks integration

Once you receive the Partner ID:

  1. Click Configure Destinations
  2. Click in your site
  3. Click Connect on Agentology
  4. Enter the Partner ID
  5. User is optional, if selected only leads assigned to that user will be sent to Agentology
  6. Assignment is optional, you can choose to only send leads to Agentology if they are assigned to an agent in Real Geeks, by default leads are sent immediately before the assignment happens.
  7. Click Save and that's it

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