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Lead Generation through Google Pay-Per-Click

The Power of Google Pay-Per-Click

Are you interested in saving time and money? Our marketing experts can drive motivated buyers and sellers to your highly optimized Real Geeks website. That way you can focus on what you do best: Helping customers buy and sell homes!

In this program, our team of certified marketing experts will…

  1. Schedule a strategy call with you to get market specific information relevant to your website, so that we are able to tailor your ads to your desired areas.
  2. Setup your Google AdWords account with market-tested keywords that have proven to achieve strong conversion rates.
  3. Setup a variety of website landing pages optimized to convert leads from advertising traffic. For example, we would map area-specific keywords to two separate landing pages to split-test performance in your market or neighborhood.
  4. Setup and test a multitude of ads to achieve optimum conversion rates. This is done throughout the lifetime of your campaign to ensure continued success with the best performance.
  5. Add in areas of exclusion, such as undesirable cities or neighborhoods to make sure that you are getting leads from your areas of preference.
  6. Monitor all of our accounts on a daily basis and make changes to ensure substantial lead delivery.
  7. Plus Much Much More!

How Our Google Pay-Per-Click Program Works

Here are some details about how this lead generation program works. With this program, the lead generation is completely managed for you, so you don't have to worry about ad creation, keywords, or anything on the Google side. Instead, you'll be able to spend your time focusing on converting your leads to clients and closing deals!

Length of Commitment 6 months. We chose 6 months because this is how long it takes to accurately estimate your return on investment with these leads. Google is able to target leads with varying levels of intent based on their searches, and many may still be early in the home buying process. This is great for agents because it gives you the opportunity to get both ends of a transaction for leads, as they are not all first-time homebuyers. After six months, the commitment continues month-to-month. Cancellation requires a 30 day notice once the six months is completed.

Types of Ads We will run a variety of ads focusing on your target areas. The campaigns will reflect areas and types of homes you'd like to focus on in your market. 

Billing Depending on the day you'd like to start, we'll charge you a prorated amount to get your ad campaign live ASAP. Your recurring bill date will be moved to the first of the month. Of course, we'll apply a platform credit that first month to adjust for your change in bill date if necessary.

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