How-to File a Bug Report


Here at realgeeks, we aren't perfect. We sometimes let bugs slip through the cracks. If you find one of those bugs, please report it back to us. We are more then happy to improve our product.

Where to send your reports

Fill out our support form here:

Be Specific

Just telling us “the search is broken” makes it harder for us to reproduce your issue. The more details you can provide us the faster we can resolve the issue.

Please let us know:

  • Browser version and OS - see output from
  • What action are you taking (e.g. “I'm loading the url”)
  • What did you expect to happen, what didn't happen? (e.g. “It should show only foreclosure properties, but I see some that aren't”
  • If the issue pertains to property data, let us know the MLS numbers of the property.
  • If you can, provide us with a copy of the property data that you see on your agent mls.
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