Lead Pond


A Lead Pond is a list of unassigned leads in your CRM. Your team members can claim leads from a Pond at any time. Admin level CRM users can edit team member access to certain Ponds.

Accessing the lead pond

To access the lead pond, click on the Ponds tab. From this page, you can switch between ponds using the dropdown at the top right of the screen.

How to claim and send leads to the pond

You can claim leads from the pond by clicking on the “claim” button found on the right-hand side of the lead pond.


You can send leads to the pond in bulk or on an individual basis. 

To send a single lead to a pond, click on the Send to Pond button on the lead detail page.


To send leads to the pond in bulk, go to the Leads tab and click on the actions button. You will use the assign action to send leads to the pond. Under the agent and lender dropdowns, you will now see your lead ponds as available options.


Giving access to lead ponds

To give your agents access to the lead ponds, go to Settings > Ponds. From here, you can update each agent’s availability. Please note that Admins have access to the lead ponds by default.


Automatically send leads to a pond

There are two ways to automatically send leads to a pond: Idle Lead Reassignment and Custom Sources.

The lead pond feature becomes very powerful when combined with our Idle Lead Reassignment feature. You can now set leads to be sent to the pond if they become idle. 


By going to Settings > Customize, you can also set custom sources to assign leads to ponds 

Creating custom ponds

 To create a custom lead pond for your account, go to Settings > Customize in your CRM. In the left-hand sidebar, you will find a Lead Ponds section. Once, you access the Lead Ponds section, click on the "New" button. All you need to do now is name your new Lead Pond. Once you've created this new lead pond, be sure to go to the Ponds settings page to give your team access to this pond.


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