How to Set Up Bing Ad Conversion Codes


This is an optional step that helps you monitor how your Bing campaign is working. You will need to send some information to Real Geeks. support to set this up.

  1. Log into the bing ads control panel:
  2. Click “Conversion Tracking” on the sidebar
  3. Click “UET Tags” on the sidebar then click “Create UET Tag” 
  4. Copy and paste the UET tag information - you will need to send this to Real Geeks Support 
  5. Click Conversion Goals on the sidebar and click “Create Conversion Goal” 
  6. Call the conversion Site Signup and select “Event” for the type 
  7. Fill in the following values for the category/action/label/value: Category: Lead, Action: LeadSubmit, Label: NewLead, Value: 1 and click save 
  8. Make sure you sent the UET tag code to Real Geeks Support. Once the put the code on your site, conversions should start tracking.

When you send the conversion code to support, please include this code snippet:

window.uetq = window.uetq || [];
window.uetq.push({ 'ec':'Lead', 'ea':'LeadSubmit', 'el':'NewLead', 'ev':1 });
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