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You will need to own a domain in order to launch your website after you have MLS approval. A domain is what people will type into their browser to pull up your website (ie.

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Purchasing a Domain

If you do not already own a domain, you can purchase one from a domain provider. Some common domain providers are GoDaddy and Google Domains.

Picking a Domain

A well-picked domain can make it easier for potential and existing clients to discover your website. We know that picking a domain name is no easy task, so here are some suggestions from the Real Geeks team:

(Be sure to replace CITY with the name of your primary market)

  • CITYhomelistings
  • CITYhomesearcher
  • CITYlistings
  • CITYpropertyfinder
  • CITYhomeviewer
  • CITYhomesource
  • CITYhomehunter
  • CITYrealestatesearch
  • CITYhomesforsale
  • CITYhomesearch
  • CITYhousesearch
  • CITYareahomesearch
  • CITYmetrohomesearch
  • CITYareahomes
  • CITYmetrohomes
  • CITYarealistings
  • CITYmetrolistings
  • GreaterCITYhomes
  • GreaterCITYlistings
  • MetroCITYhomes
  • MetroCITYlistings
  • CITYrealestatesearch
  • CITYrealestate
  • CITYhomes

We also recommend using .COM domains because this is the default in the mind of the consumer (46% of all websites and 495 of Fortune 500 companies choose .COM domains).

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