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Automatically send a text message to a lead after they have registered on your website. This will engage your leads immediately, establish an immediate connection, and improve your chances of the lead engaging with you.

This system uses Source to trigger these initial sign up responder messages. Source is a metric used in Real Geeks that explains where a lead originated from. This is generally a good indicator of lead intent, so you can personalize your messages to align with your Lead’s needs.

These automated messages can be setup using one of two methods: 

  1. Texting Tool Wizard
  2. Manual Auto Responder Creation 


Texting Tool Wizard Set Up

This method assists in setting up the texting feature for the Real Geeks CRM so you can efficiently communicate with leads in your database. This typically only affects new agents, or teams who have not yet set up their Real Geeks Texting feature

The third step of this "Wizard" allows you to select messages from our library of Auto Responder messages you can apply to the CRM, and immediately apply them to the appropriate website sources. These messages can be customized after you have selected a message. 

Buyer Templates:   Seller Templates:



Create a Sign Up Responder Template

  1. Go to Sign Up Responder Texts
  2. Click Create New
  3. Select a Source that triggers when your message will be sent
  4. Type your message to the lead in the Message field
  5. Click Save


Access the Template Library

All of our templates (Text, Email & Live Chat) come with library of pre-written messages that can be used at any time, for free! Lookout for the Library button to access the list of templates.

Using the Library

  1. View your Email, Text, or Chat Templates
  2. Click Library
  3. Preview the messages, then click Add or Add & Edit
    • Click Add to use the message as-written
    • Click Add & Edit to customize the message
      • Personalize the message and include images and videos to entice further message engagement


What is Source?

Source in your Real Geeks CRM can help you identify and target leads based on their specific needs and interests. Create unique messages for each source can improve your connection with your leads, establish trust, and help you optimize your strategy for engaging with them.

The following list of sources have been broken into 2 categories: Leads interested in Buying + Leads interested in Selling

Buyer Sources

  • Website Property Search
  • Website Property Landing Page
  • Website Agent Landing Page

Seller Sources

  • Website Property Valuation
  • Website Market Report Page
  • Website Property Valuation Agent Landing Page

The CRM sends the Responder message when a lead is assigned a particular Source

Use these sources to create a message that aligns with your lead’s goals for using the website. This can help you develop stronger connection, and increases the chance of your lead responding to your message.


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