Sign up Responder (Auto Responder) Text Messages


Automated SMS Responders and text messaging is one of the best ways to turn real estate internet leads into hot appointments and convert them into sales.

The source is an indicator of where the lead's contact information was collected, which can indicate the lead's intent (e.g. they may be a buyer if they signed up to look at a coming soon property). This information is stored in the CRM for each lead.

These automated messages can be established using one of two methods: 

  1. Texting Tool Wizard
  2. Manual Auto Responder Creation 

Texting Tool Wizard Set Up

This method assists in setting up the texting feature for the Real Geeks CRM so you can efficiently communicate with leads in your database. This typically only affects new agents, or teams who have not yet set up their Real Geeks Texting feature

The third step of this "Wizard" allows you to select messages from our library of Auto Responder messages you can apply to the CRM, and immediately apply them to the appropriate website sources. These messages can be customized after you have selected a message. 

Buyer Templates: 


Seller Templates: 



Manual Auto Responder Creation

To manually create an auto responder message, go to the “SIGN UP RESPONDER” section of the Real Geeks “TEMPLATE” tab. 

Create New

“CREATE NEW” allows you to customize your own message from scratch. To do this: 

  1. Click the “Create New” 
  2. Select a Source in the “Source” dropdown list 
  3. Write your Auto Responder message in the “MESSAGE” space provided
  4. Click the “SAVE” button at the bottom of the screen 



Use the “LIBRARY” button to browse our library of Auto Responder Messages

  1.  Click “LIBRARY” 
  2. Select a message, then click “ADD” at the bottom of the page. These have been grouped based on whether the message contains information for buyers or sellers
  3. Select a Source in the “Source” dropdown list
  4. Make any additional changes you want made to the template
  5. Check the “ENABLED” box to enable the message to be used. This can always be turned off or on at your discretion
  6. Click the “UPDATE” button at the bottom of the screen


Best Practice Tips 

  • We have a recommended character limit of 140 characters per message. Real Geeks has found that including any additional characters increases the chance of your message being broken into multiple, unorganized messages. This character count can be found below the "MESSAGE" and can be seen while the Auto Responder is being written



  • Use Merge Fields to automatically pull in basic information, such as the lead’s first name {{FIRST_NAME}} share the app download link {{APP_URL}} or include your name at the end of a message {{AGENT_NAME}} to serve as a "Signature" within your message


  • Different sources indicate different ways a lead came to the website, but these sources can typically be broken into two main categories, Buyer and Seller: 
    • Typical Buyer Sources:
      • Website Property Search
      • Website Property Landing Page 
      • Website Agent Landing Page 
      • Website Coming Soon Landing Page
      • Website Custom Capture Form
    • Typical Seller Sources:

      • Website Market Report
      • Website Property Valuation 
      • Website Property Valuation Agent Landing Page
  • Feel free to copy and paste the same Buyer or Seller message for multiple sources. This makes it easier to quickly and efficiently set up your Auto Responder Messages (see example below)



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