How do I add the Facebook Pixel to my Website?


The Meta (Facebook) Pixel is a code you put on your website. It collects data which helps you keep track of who is visiting your site from Facebook ads, improve these ads, target specific groups for future ads, and reach out again to people who have visited your site before.

In order to benefit from this feature, agents will need to generate a custom pixel.

How to Generate a New Meta Pixel

  1. Go to the Meta Events Manager page

  2. Click Connect Data Sources
  3. Select the Web option, then click Connect

  4. Enter a custom name for your pixel dataset, then click Create.
    • We recommend using your domain name here to make it easy to identify your pixel data

  5. Add your website URL ( then click Check
  6. Select the Do it Yourself method and click Next

  7. Select the Meta Pixel Only method then click Next

  8. Select Install Code Manually
  9. Click Copy Code

You can skip the steps of Enabling Automatic Advanced Matching and adding custom events with the Event Setup Tool. These steps are generally not necessary for agents new to marketing and using the Pixel. However, they can be utilized if you possess advanced marketing knowledge.

How to Add the Pixel To Your Website

Agents are unable to add the code to their websites independently. Instead, send the code to the Real Geeks support team at A team member will add the pixel for you and notify you once the process is complete.



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