Inserting a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) Form on Your Website


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What is the DMCA?

For a certain number of MLS boards, You need to put a copy of a personalized Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) notice on your website before you can receive IDX approval from your board.

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”) provides safe harbor from copyright infringement liability for online service providers. In order to qualify for safe harbor protection, certain kinds of service providers—for example, those that allow users to post or store material on their systems, and search engines, directories, and other information location tools— must designate an agent to receive notifications of claimed copyright infringement (source:

To designate an agent, a service provider must do two things:

  1. make certain contact information for the agent available to the public on its website
  2. provide the same information to the Copyright Office, which maintains a centralized online directory of designated agent contact information for public use.

The service provider must also ensure that this information is up to date.

Receiving the DMCA Form

1. Go to and sign up

2. Create an account with the “Register Here” option


3. After registering, check your email for a confirmation link that must be clicked, then press “here” to proceed


4. Log into your new account and press “Add Service Provider”


5. Fill in your Brokerage information in the Service Provider space (Brokerage name, Brokerage address, Brokerage phone number, etc.) then press “Next”


6. Type any domain names you own or websites that you are a part of in the “Enter new alternate name here…” field and press the blue “+” sign. Repeat as needed then press “Next”


7. Enter the Agent's information that you’d like to receive any notifications of claimed infringement, then press “Next” (This should be your own email address unless you want an admin to receive these messages)

8. Confirm the details have been added correctly, press “Next”, then pay the required $6 registration fee (This payment is required in order to receive the notice that must be placed on your website)

9. You will be sent an email with an attachment for your own DMCA notice

Adding a DMCA to Your Website

Please forward the receipt of your DMCA purchase to and we will be able to add the form to your website for you. 


You can view the official NWMLS requirement and instructions laid out in the attachment below

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