Using the Assigned Agent's Photo on the Website


Your website is able to automatically pull in a lead's assigned agent's photo to appear across the website. This only appears when a lead clicks on a property and they are assigned to an agent who has set up their profile photo

Where does this appear?

The agent's photo will show up any time a lead views on a property on the website. This gives the agent an opportunity to put a face to the name while communicating with their leads 


How to Enable: 

1. Go to the website backend by visiting and click "Edit Website"

2. Scroll down and click "Site Settings"

3. Select the "Template Options" tab

4. Change the "


5. Click "Save"

Uploading a Photo

1. go to

2. Press "Choose File" under the Profile Image section



Agents can add this photo themselves by following the instructions above, or the site owner can add it for them by: 

1. Go to

2. Click the name of the agent you want to add a photo for

3. Press "Choose File" under the Profile Image section

Repeat as necessary for all agents

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