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The Real Geeks AI Texting Assistant makes it easier than ever for you to follow up with new leads in your CRM. If you feel like you cannot keep up with all the leads coming into your CRM, this feature could be the solution for you!

Check out this demo video to see GeekAI in action.

If you want to dive deeper into the technical details of how our new GeekAI works, check out this webinar with our founder Kevin McCarthy:


How Does it Work?

Starting The Assistant

The assistant is started automatically when a lead from your selected sources registers. Currently, the assistant cannot be started manually for pre-existing leads or for leads who register with unsupported sources.

Stopping The Assistant


The assistant can be stopped by opening the text conversation window in the CRM and clicking the "Stop Assistant" button. You can also stop the assistant by manually sending a text to the lead from the CRM texting phone number.

There are two reasons that you may want to stop the assistant: If you are available to text the lead yourself or if the assistant informs you that an agent handoff is needed. If a handoff notification is received the assistant will automatically go on hiatus and not continue outreach.

Where do I sign up?

If you're ready to have another tool in your arsenal for nurturing leads, sign up here: The GeekAI assistant is $200/month, and there are no limitations to how many leads it will communicate with. Right now, GeekAI can communicate with all Real Geeks website registration lead sources as well as Facebook Lead Ads default registration sources.



How will I know if the assistant needs to hand off a conversation to the assigned agent?

- You will receive an email & text notification informing you that the assistant needs to handoff a conversation

Can the assistant be enabled/disabled for individual agents in my company?
- For the time being, the assistant is enabled on a company-wide basis. If the agent would like to prevent the assistant from following up with their leads, they should stop the assistant as soon as possible. The first text sends 2 minutes after sign-up.

How can I see the information that is gathered by the assistant?-

- Notes will be added in the lead's activity history


How can I know if a message was sent by the assistant or assigned agent?
- All messages sent by the assistant have an "(Assistant)" label in the conversation window and will be marked as sent by the assistant in the lead's activity history

How does this work with the Drip/Workflow system?

- GeekAI will automatically disable all text messages sent from Drip and Lead Manager so there will not be conflicting automation. Email and follow-up steps in Drip workflows will still send as expected.

Is there a Free Trial?

- There is no trial option or prorated payment for this service, however, there is no commitment either. If you try it for a month and aren't seeing the results you hoped for you can cancel.

How does billing work? Is there a contract?

- There's no fee to sign up or contract. GeekAI is $200/month. If you sign up, the $200 will be added to your next invoice.

Does this do chats or emails?

- GeekAI only worked with SMS Texting.

Can I change the name from Robin?

- No.

Can I turn this on/off for individual agents?

- GeekAI can be turned on and off by source but not by the agent. 

Can I turn this on for leads already in my database?

- This service is only available for new leads. Existing leads cannot have a conversation started with GeekAI.

How does AI work with the Round Robin system?
- GeekAI will initiate on all new leads from the selected Sources. This does not depend on the Agent, so it will work regardless of Round Robin settings.
Does the AI automatically update the lead's info?
- GeekAI will only record the conversation messaging.
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