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The Real Geeks Artificial Intelligence (AI) Texting Assistant is a machine learning powered text message assistant that nurtures and qualifies your new leads.

When the lead is ready to work with an agent, the assistant can notify you to take over the conversation to work with your new client. 


How it Works

The assistant is prompted to initiate conversation when a lead is added to your CRM using your choice of lead sources.

Starting the Assistant

When a person signs up using your website, the assistant will engage your lead automatically, and initiate in engaging conversation. 

Stopping the Assistant

The AI can be stopped at any time with a click of a button. You can also stop the assistant by manually sending a text to the lead from the CRM texting phone number.



There are 2 Primary Reasons for Stopping the Assistant

  1. When you become available to take over the conversation
  2. An agent handoff is needed


Geek AI Cost

The automated Geek AI Assistant is included at no additional cost for Expand and Conquer customers, $100 per month for Grow customers, and $200 per month for all other customers

This cost includes:

  • Robust set of scripts to manage Buyer and Seller leads 
  • Unlimited conversations with leads
  • Engage leads from all lead sources, including Facebook Lead Ads


Sign Up

Click Here to sign up for the Geek AI Texting Assistant




How will I know if the assistant needs to hand off a conversation to the assigned agent?
You will receive an email & text notification informing you that the assistant needs to handoff a conversation. These settings can be adjusted within your notification settings.


How can I see the information that is gathered by the assistant?
Notes will be added in the lead's activity history as well as logged in the conversation window for the lead.


Can the assistant be enabled/disabled for individual agents in my company?
No, for now, the assistant is enabled on a company-wide basis. If the agent would like to prevent the assistant from following up with their leads, they should stop the assistant as soon as possible. The first text is sent 2 minutes after sign-up.


How can I know if a message was sent by the assistant or assigned agent?
All messages sent by the assistant have an "(Assistant)" label in the conversation window and will be marked as sent by the assistant in the lead's activity history.


How does this work with the Drip/Workflow & Sign Up Responder Text
GeekAI will automatically skip all text message steps from Drip and Lead Manager so there will not be conflicting automation. Email and follow-up steps in Drip workflows will still send as expected. Please note that if you stop/disable GeekAI any text message steps from Drip in the future will send.


Is there a Free Trial?
There is no trial option or prorated payment for this service, however, there is no on-going commitment either. If you try it for a month and aren't seeing the results you hoped for you can cancel.


How does billing work? Is there a contract?
There's no fee to sign up or contract. GeekAI is $200/month. If you sign up, the $200 will be added to your next invoice.


Does this do chats or emails?
GeekAI only sends SMS text messages.


Can I change the name from Robin?
No, the default name of the GeekAI assistant is Robin.


Can I turn this on for leads already in my database?
No, GeekAI can only be initiated for new leads. Existing leads cannot have a conversation started with GeekAI.


How does GeekAI work with the Round Robin system?
GeekAI will initiate a conversation with all new leads from the selected Sources. GeekAI will start conversations with all leads, regardless of the assigned agent, therefore the assistant will work regardless of Round Robin settings. GeekAI will occasionally include the agent’s name in the messaging. This will always be the first agent assigned.


Does GeekAI automatically update the lead's info?
GeekAI will only record the conversation messaging.


Does GeekAI follow a linear script?
No, GeekAI adapts to natural conversations and can respond with appropriate contextual answers and empathy. Most leads who text with the assistant believe they are talking to a real person.


Will the assistant text my leads in the middle of the night?
No, if an inquiry comes in after hours the assistant will text your prospect the following day. Sleep hours are 8pm - 8am in the lead’s local time based on area code.


Will text messages be sent from my cell phone number?
No, your assistant uses the number of your choice enabled for texting from the CRM. If a prospect responds to a text message with a phone call the call will be routed to the phone number of the assigned agent. If no assigned agent or no phone number it will default to the website owner. The incoming call will show your lead’s phone number on the caller ID, not your assistant’s phone number.


How long should I let the assistant talk to my leads?
The assistant’s script has been perfected over millions of conversations. Most agents allow the assistant to complete their conversation and take over when the assistant tells them the lead is ready for hand-off.


How long does GeekAI onboarding take?
GeekAI typically will be added to your website within one business day of signing up. There are no additional onboarding steps at this time.


Do I customize what the assistant says?
No, the assistant’s script has been carefully crafted for success and is updated regularly. The cadence of communications and responses have been perfected from millions of conversations.


What’s the difference between GeekAI and a chatbot?
Chatbots follow a linear script and can’t handle unpredictable questions. GeekAI has learned from millions of conversations how to respond to normal conversations.


What happens if a lead asks to be removed from text messages or says they are not interested?
The assistant will know when someone is no longer interested or has opted out and will remove them from the campaign. You can then manually follow up with the lead if you wish.


Can I manage or take over conversations from the assistant via the RealGeeks App?
Yes, You can take over a GeekAI conversation by texting the lead from the CRM or by pressing “Stop Conversation” within the conversation window for the lead. This works both on the desktop and mobile version of the CRM.


If I make contact with a lead outside of the RealGeeks CRM will the assistant know?
No, If you make contact with a lead and want to stop the conversion you can do so by texting the lead from the CRM or by pressing “Stop Conversation” within the conversation window for the lead. This works both on the desktop and mobile version of the CRM.


Are there reports available to show the number of active conversations, and past conversations?
While currently there are no reporting tools available to see your GeekAI statistics, you can create Advanced Search Filters on a variety of GeekAI states and stages to gather intel as to performance. We automatically create filters to show you who has an active conversation and who needs agent follow-up.


How long does the assistant follow up for?
The assistant will continue following up for up-to 12 months after the initial conversation is initiated.


Does GeekAI really work?
Agents report a 2x higher appointment booking rate when they add AI to their lead qualification process. Portfolio wide we are seeing a roughly 56% engagement rate, 11% agent follow up rate, and 3% appointment set rate.


Can GeekAI respond in multiple languages?
Yes, the assistant is bilingual and speaks both English and Spanish.


How do most agents use GeekAI?
The assistant is used to respond to leads at the time that home purchase is on their mind. The assistant then collects all the qualifying information you need and books appointments. Many agents report that the assistant manages most of their new lead bookings, freeing up their time for more high-value activities.


Does the initial text outreach to leads happen so fast that they think it’s automated?
The assistant delays initial outreach for 2 minutes after the initial inquiry comes in to create a natural feel to the follow up.
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