How to Pull G-Tag and Event Snippet from Google Ad Words


Real Geeks can send statistics about lead conversion to Google Adwords. To do so, you will need to send 2 pieces of code over to support. We can add them to the backend of your site.


First navigate to your Google Adwords Account. 


1. Once there click on Tools and Settings on the top right, and then Conversions(under Measurement)Screen_Shot_2020-11-13_at_10.53.30_AM.png

2. Click on the large plus sign, on the top left of the page


3. Select Website as the type of conversionScreen_Shot_2020-11-13_at_10.54.00_AM.png

4. Complete the remaining specifics for your ad. The settings below are a good choice:Screen_Shot_2020-11-13_at_10.55.05_AM.png

5. Create the Add, and then pick the "Install the tag yourself" optionScreen_Shot_2020-11-13_at_10.55.13_AM.png

6. Once here, cut and paste the two code snippets (GTAG and Event Snippet) and email them to support. By default, support will not track conversions for Potential Seller Leads Please let us know if you want those tracked. We need the HTML and Page Load selected for these snippets. 



And that's it! Once the codes have been installed by support, all future leads will track correctly. 

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