Kick-Off Call Guide


Get ready for your Real Geeks Kick-Off Call! Below you will find information we suggest exploring before the call, as well as a breakdown of items covered during the call.

Before the Call

Familiarize yourself with these important links ahead of time:

  • Real Geeks Home Page: Access everything included in your platform from this page (We highly recommend bookmarking or saving this page).

  • Real Geeks Support: Our support team is here to help! Contact us 8 AM - 8 PM CST Monday-Friday at 844-311-4969 ext 2 or by email at


During the Call

We'll give you an overview of the following items to help you get started with Real Geeks: 

MLS Approval

MLS approval is required to display listing data on your website. Make sure to follow the steps provided for your MLS approval.

If you have any questions, please email

Pro Tip:

If you experience any delays in your MLS approval, please reach out to the MLS board directly to expedite the process.

Website Setup

Make sure to personalize your site. Do this by heading to your Launchpad and selecting the Start Now button.  start_now.png

If you would prefer to hire someone to customize the site for you, feel free to explore our recommended Site Designers here.

Pro Tip:

If there are any additional MLS criteria that you would like added to your website's Advanced Search, submit a list to our support team here.

Website Launch

Once we have your MLS approval and your site has been personalized, it's time to launch your Real Geeks website!

Real Geeks will email you once it's time to launch your Real Geeks website.

Pro Tip:

In the approval email, there will be a link to schedule a call with our launch team. As soon as you get the approval email, schedule your call ASAP!

Driving Traffic and Generating Leads

Driving traffic to your website is important! We recommend first starting off with the people you know best. If you have a spreadsheet of contacts, send the file over to and we'll bulk import them into our system.

Pro Tip:

Wish to generate new leads once your website is launched? Check out our Facebook Marketing Tool here.

CRM/Lead Manager

You can access your CRM here.

We highly recommend getting started with the CRM Setup Checklist before the Kick-Off call. (Don’t worry about having it all done ahead of time, but this is a great way to get started! Not to mention, you can ask our onboarding experts any questions you might have regarding the items)

Pro Tip:

The first step of that set-up checklist is signing up for our Live CRM training. We recommend attending that training and getting insight directly from our CRM expert on how to best use the CRM.



Advanced Tools

Once your website has been launched you will have access to all of your Advanced Tools such as the Workflow-Drip System, eBlast Feature, and Postcards

Pro Tip: Sign-up for LIVE step-by-step Product Walkthroughs on each of these items here.


Let us know if you have any questions!

Our support team is available weekdays 8 am-8 pm CST, and Saturday 8 am-4 pm CST. | 844-311-4969 (option 2)

Welcome to Real Geeks!

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