TypeAhead Search Feature


What is the TypeAhead Search Feature?

Allows your leads to quickly and easily perform searches for properties in their area. The autofill functionality gives leads the ability to perform searches for different regions, cities, zip codes, etc in an easy to use field.

Faster Search Speeds

The Autofill search functionality improves searching speeds to get leads engaged with your website's search sooner


Use Current Location

Gives leads the ability to search for properties in their immediate area


Suggested Searches

If leads enter an incorrect name or misspell an area, the search tool will offer suggestions to help guide them to the appropriate search


How to Enable this Feature

This feature is enabled on a per-page-basis, meaning it must be changed on each page individually. 

To turn this on for your home page: 

1. Go to home.realgeeks.com and click "Edit Website"

2. Under the "Content" section, click "Home Page"

3. Select the available "Home Page"


4. Scroll down to the "Search Form Display Options" and click Show Screen_Shot_2020-10-21_at_2.56.35_PM.png

5. Change the "

6. Click "Save" Screen_Shot_2020-10-21_at_2.56.05_PM.png


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