Create a Custom Round Robin


Custom Round Robin

Create a Round Robin

Creating a custom round robin gives you the chance to assign leads to specific agents based on how certain leads come to the website, or Source. This gives you the chance to control what sources are assigned to buyers agents, sellers agents, agents that work in certain conditions, or certain marketing opportunities. 

To create a new round robin:

1. Go to the Real Geeks Customize Tab (click HERE)

2. Click "Round Robins" in the Customize menu on the left-hand side

3. Select "New" new.png

4. Enter the Round Robin name

5. Click "Add" add.png


Next, you'll want to assign Sources to the newly created Round Robin.

To do this: 

1. While still on the same page, click on Sources on the left column.

2. Select "Edit" edit.png next to the Source that will be customized

3. On the right-side, choose your assignment method from the "Lead Assignment" dropdown menu 

4. Click "Update" update.png


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