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The Real Geeks platform was designed to help you generate business and convert leads into sales. Here at Real Geeks we offer tools to help drive traffic, convert visitors to leads, connect with those leads, follow-up with them over time, and so much more.

Because our system includes so many great tools, it may seem like there's a lot to learn. Follow our recommended steps below to get set up successfully with the platform, while learning more about everything available within Real Geeks along the way!


Topics Covered

Pre-Website Launch:

Post-Website Launch:

Part 1 - Pre-Website Launch

Before getting started, you'll want to make sure you can access the Real Geeks platform. You can do this by heading over to your site Launchpad at and logging in there using your email and password.

There, you'll be able to track your pushing live status, see your tools and features, and check out additional resources.



Step 1: Get MLS Approval

Once you sign up, our IDX team starts the process for creating your MLS agreement. We won't be able to push the site live until we receive approval from your MLS board to display listings, so this is an important step.

We will create the agreement, and depending on the board, you may need you and/or your broker to sign it. Make sure you and they do ASAP so we can send it over to the board for approval.

Please reach out to to check on the status of your approval or if you have questions.


Step 2: Personalize your Site

Your website will be the user-end of the system where you will drive prospective leads and people can search for properties in their area. Customizing this will add your personal touch to our built-out templates designed to convert leads.

Get started with this by heading over to your Launchpad and selecting "Edit Website". There, you'll see an Instant Site Setup Tool where you plug in your information and we personalize your site. It should just take a few minutes to complete!



We've got a great walkthrough going over how to personalize your site and familiarize yourself with the backend. You can sign-up for this by heading over to and signing up for the walkthrough "Personalize and Launch your Website".


Step 3: Import your contacts

Getting your contacts into the Real Geeks system is an important step in starting to generate your business. If you have any leads, an existing database, or anyone in your Sphere of Influence you'd like to import, you can send those over to our support team at and we can help import them for you.

If you want, you can also import contacts yourself using our Import Tool. For more information on that, you can click the link HERE.

Once you push the site live, these can be the first people who you invite and can start communicating with to help get you started.


Step 4: Familiarize yourself with the CRM

The CRM/Lead Manager is what we tend to call our "Moneymaker". It is going to be the home base for lead communication, as from here you can connect with your leads, set follow-ups, and see what they have been doing on the platform. This will likely be where most of your time is spent, so it's important to have a good understanding of how to use it.

You can access the CRM by heading to your Launchpad and clicking "CRM". There, you'll be able to see a setup checklist designed to help you get more familiar with the platform. It will walk you through steps such as setting up your profile, adding users, connecting your email, and getting started with text messaging.


The first step in the checklist is to sign-up for the CRM Walkthrough, which you can do from there or by heading to and signing up for "Personalize your CRM and Leverage your Database". This will be an extremely useful tool in helping you utilize the system.

Going through this checklist will not only help you to get everything set up, but it will also get a little more familiar with the platform and help you connect with your contacts once your site is live.


Step 5: Launch your Website

Once we receive your MLS approval, you are all set to push your website live! This will take your site onto the internet and allow you to share it and start driving traffic.

You should be able to launch the site by heading over to your Launchpad and selecting "Launch Now". You can also give our support team a call at (844)311-4969 ext 2 and we can help push the site live in just a few minutes.

The process involves logging into your domain provider (i.e. Godaddy, Google, Namecheap, etc.) and updating the nameservers so make sure you're able to log in there. If you wanted to update the nameservers yourself, you can follow the instructions on our docs page HERE.


Part 2 - Post-Website Launch

Congratulations, your site has been taken live! Now that your site is live, you will be able to drive traffic and get people to start searching for properties.

Not only that but on your end, you now have access to more great features to help out your business.


Step 6: Invite your Contacts

Now that your site is live, you can start inviting people to use the website. We recommend starting by sending an eblast (or mass email) to all of the contacts you imported letting them know about your new site.

We've already got a great template built-out to help you with this. To send the message, you can head to your CRM/Lead Manager > Select the "Leads" tab > Click "Actions" > Select "eBlast". Here, you can type out your message or select the "Your Home Search Just Got Easier" template from the Drip Template dropdown.

This will send the message out to all of your leads and allow them to log in to their new account at the click of a link!


Step 6b: Setup Saved Searches

Saved Search allows the lead the ability to save a search for themselves that they can review later. Additionally, the lead receives a Property Update email about their particular saved search. The emails can be set on a Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, or Monthly frequency.

This is an excellent way to keep yourself top-of-mind with your leads and keep clients returning to your website. For more information and instructions on how you can set these up for your contacts, check out our docs page HERE.


Step 7: Drive Traffic

With your new website, you may also want to drive some traffic so you can generate new leads! You can do this using a few methods, but Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) and Search Engine (Google, Bing, etc.) Advertising are two very common ones. 

If you wanted to run some Facebook or Instagram ads, we've got a great tool that helps you to quickly and easily create ads that will drive traffic and convert leads for your site. We have two Walkthroughs on the Facebook tool that you can sign-up for to get more familiar, one titled "Getting Started with Facebook Marketing" which goes over the setup of the tool, and the other is "Drive Traffic and Generate Leads through Facebook" which covers the best practices.


If you wanted to run ads through Google, we don't have a tool for that directly, but you can head over to and get started there.


Step 8: Follow-Up with Leads

With leads coming to your website, you want to have a good follow-up plan to convert them to sales. Manual communication is key, but we also have some automation tools to help keep engaging your leads with the platform.


You can set up a Workflow campaign to send automated emails, texts, and follow-ups to consistently engage with your leads over time. Head over to the Drip System to get started, and get signed up for our walkthrough on that HERE (title is "How to Nurture Leads Efficiently with Workflows, eBlasts, and Postcards").


Resources/Additional Information

As you get up and running with the platform, you may focus on different steps as people's goals tend to differ, but being able to navigate and utilize the Real Geeks system will really help you with your business.

If you have any questions or issues going through, please feel free to reach out to our support team at or by calling (844)311-4969 ext 2. We are available to assist Monday-Friday from 8 AM to 8 PM CST.

We also encourage you to join our Facebook Mastermind Group to see what other Real Geeks users are doing to be successful with their platform:

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