Migrating to Our NEW Website Design: Anna


Introducing our newest Design Template: Anna

Migrating to Anna means a more modern look and feel for your website, faster page loading speeds, and increased SEO and SEM optimization! 

To interact with the Anna Design Template, click here.


Before making changes to your website template PLEASE NOTE:

Changing your website design template may "break" sites that have been built by site builders, as well as third-party website customizations (this includes the "Rounds" provided by Todd Bogert).

If your site was built or customized using a third party, please contact them for more information BEFORE updating your website design template. 


Migrating to the Anna Design Template

To add the Anna Design Template to your website, head over to your Site Backend.

You can access your Site Backend from home.realgeeks.com by selecting the "Edit Website" option. You can also access your Site Backend by typing yourdomain.com/admin into your browser's address bar, just be sure to replace "yourdomain" with the domain of your website.

Migrating to Anna Part 1

Scroll to Site Settings and open your Design Editor.

Migrating to Anna Part 2

Expand the Design section Design Section and select the Anna Template.

Expand the Color Variations Color Variations Section section and select a Color Variation of your choice.

Click Save Button to save your changes.

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