Connect Real Geeks and Google Sheets with API Nation



The Real Geeks and Google Sheets integration will Sync all your contacts’ information from Real Geeks to a Google Sheet. 

  • All of your Real Geeks Contacts are copied to A Google Sheet and always up to date
  • Easy to share an collaborate with an ISA or Assistant without giving access to Real Geeks
  • Keep a copy of all your Real Geeks contacts in an easy to search Google Sheet

Checkout the video above to see it in action. 

If you'd prefer to read through a guide, here's a step-by-step:

Head to to get started. 

There you will see a Syncs available for Real Geeks and Google Sheets, Real Geeks leads to Google Sheets Spreadsheet. 

Click Activate on on the Sync to begin set up. 


After clicking Activate the Sync you’ll be asked to Connect Google Sheets. click the Connect Google Sheets button. 


Follow the prompts to choose your Google Account and allow it to connect to API nation. 

Once Google Sheets is connected, you can now connect Real Geeks. Click the “Connect Real Geeks” button


This will take you out to an article walking through how to connect Real Geeks to API Nation. 

Scroll down until you see the link to Open that link in a new tab and continue down


Under step 4 you’ll see an Authorization key. Highlight that and press ctrl+c or cmd+c to copy. 


Now go to the new tab

  • Click “Configure Destinations”
  • Select


Scroll down until you see the API Nation destination tile. 

  • Click Connect
  • Paste the Authorization Key from your clipboard into the field
  • Choose the User that the leads should be connected to
  • Click Save


Once you’ve created the destination, you can go back to the API Nation tab. 

Scroll to the bottom of the article and click the “Test Connection” button. If you’ve added the destination correctly you’ll see a success message and get forwarded to the next step. 


Here you can set up and Activate your Sync. 

  1. Choose the name of the newly created Google Sheet, by default it will be named “Real Geeks leads” 
  2. Click the big button to active the Sync

There is a mapping area of configuration, but because we’re syncing to a Google Sheet, all the fields will get mapped to a column automatically. 


Once you’ve activated your Sync, it will all be available for management in the “My Syncs” area of API Nation. 

  1. Click My Syncs to see all Syncs you’ve set up
  2. Here is the newly created Sync we just set up
  3. You can toggle this Sync on and off at any time by simply clicking it’s switch here
  4. If you’d like to set up additional Syncs with slightly different configurations (e.g. with a different Google Sheets name) click this clone button, make the slight change and launch the additional Sync.


That’s it!

As soon as a contact is updated or added to Real Geeks it will also be added to your Google Sheet. 

Your contacts are all neatly stored, you can collaborate and run reports from your Google Sheets, and you’ll be more effective than ever.

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