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The following eBlast template is one frequently recommended by Greg Harrelson, one of our TOP users who implements Real Geeks at a high level - doing over 500 transactions a year!

One way Greg attempts to engage contacts on an ongoing basis is to send WEEKLY eBlasts to new buyer contacts with the top 10 newest listings in the market - and he's seen great results!

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Weekly Buyer eBlast Template


Weekly Buyer eBlast Template


Top 10 New Listings We Think You'll Love



Want to stay ahead of your competition when it comes to buying a home in Add Area Name Here? Here is a list of the NEWEST LISTINGS to hit the market: Add Website Link Here

Add Image Here

Let me know if any of these listings match what you're looking for, or if you would like any additional information. Feel free to call, text, or email me any time. I'm looking forward to helping you find your next home!


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Weekly Buyer eBlast Photos

In the template above there is an item that says ADD IMAGE HERE. If you do not have an image you would like to add to the template, you can...

Download an image here: Weekly Buyer eBlast Photos

Create your own image using a photo template: Canva Photo Templates

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Who Do I Send This eBlast To?

The contacts MOST likely to engage with this eBlast are those who signed up recently on your website and gave you valid contact information when they did so.

Find these contacts quickly and easily to make sending this eBlast once a week as simple as possible:

  1. Head to your CRM > Leads List
  2. Click "Advanced Filters" on the right-hand side of your Lead List
  3. Add the following three filters
    (1) Type is Buyer
    (2) Bad email is not true
    (3) Start date within the last 30 days*

    *You can expand this timeframe to 60 or 90 to reach more contacts
  4. Click "Save Filters" and name your new filter (ie. NEW Buyers + Valid Email)

Once saved, you'll have a button at the top of your Leads List you can select before sending your weekly buyer eBlast to pull up the contacts most likely to engage in one click! 

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Tips and Tricks

TIP 1: Be sure to REPLACE text that is bolded.

  • "Add Area Name Here" - should be replaced with the name of the area you service primarily (example → San Diego)
  • "Add Website Link Here" - should be replaced with your domain name (example → www.easypropertysearch.com/featured). This can be a link to ANY page on your site! If you want visitors to land on a specific page - just update the link to match that of the desired page.
  • "Add Image Here" - can be replaced with an image of your choice or removed from the template

TIP 2: Segment your database BEFORE sending the eBlast.

  • For example, instead of sending your weekly buyer eBlast to ALL buyers, filter your database so you’re sending it to NEW buyer contacts with VALID emails.

TIP 3: Reduce spam and bounce rates.

  • Make sure you are eBlasting contacts that are expecting to receive your messages.
  • Avoid attaching things to an eBlast (ie. PDFs or other documents).
  • Add documents to a page on your site, and send a link to that page in the eBlast. This makes your message less suspicious to email providers AND promotes engagement with your site!

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