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Best Practices
Download Our Lead Import Template


Best Practices

The following is a list of some of the "best practices" put together by Real Geeks experts that developed methods for ensuring you get all of your leads entered into the system right away. 

Download the Lead Template

The Real Geeks Lead Import template can be used as an outline to see what information Real Geeks will accept. Many agents will copy/paste the information from their own lead files into the Real Geeks template to make sure that they can get all of their data added to Real Geeks to be used on a frequent basis. This can actually  be found at the bottom of this page! Just CLICK HERE

No Immediate Match?

There are times where Real Geeks will not use the same term or even offer a field provided by other services. If you do not find a suitable match for your column of lead data, then you can keep your data temporarily (or permanently) in your lead's Important Notes 


How it should appear when importing


How the information will show up when uploaded


Rejected Leads and How to Handle Them

After performing the lead import, you have an opportunity to review what leads were successfully uploaded to your Real Geeks CRM, but you can also see the leads that were unable to be uploaded for a variety of reasons...


View the Results

You can fix the reasons a lead may be rejected by selecting the Results button in the lead import confirmation screen. 



This allows you to see a list of the leads that were rejected, along with a clear message that explains WHY the lead was rejected so you can quickly and easily resolve the issue and upload those leads!


Lead Import Rejection and How to Resolve:

A Lead with That Email Already Exists
  • Real Geek's method of preventing duplicate leads in the system.
  • If you see this message, then the lead has been previously imported  with that same email address already.
  • Confirm if the lead has been uploaded to your CRM first, but these can generally be deleted to prevent duplicate leads in your system


Phone is too short (minimum is 8 characters)

  • The phone number must be a valid format with a minimum of 8 numbers to dictate an actual phone number.

  • This error appears when a lead’s phone number is too short in your lead import file


User 'X' with role 'Agent' not found

  • You attempted to import a lead that does not have their assigned agent in the system yet. You can add your agent (CLICK HERE TO LEARN HOW) and re-upload the file again.
  • The "X" here will show the agent's name that the leads were to be assigned to.



Please enter a valid Email.
  • Lead's emails must be in a valid email format before they can be imported. We don't want to import data that is incorrect!
  • Double check the lead's "email" field to make sure there are no symbols, typos or additional emails in this space. 


Full Leads and Partial Leads

After importing your leads, your leads are separated into two selectable groups: 

Full Leads
a lead that was imported with their First and Last Name, Email Address and Phone Number in the Real Geeks system
Partial Leads
Lead missing at least one of the key pieces of information: First and Last Name, Email Address or Phone Number

Both lead types are accessible to communicate with in your Real Geeks CRM: To get started communicating with your leads, please CLICK HERE.

Lead Import Template File - Download

Download the Real Geeks Lead Import Template attachment located below this article to begin transitioning leads from your old database system to the Real Geeks CRM/Lead Manager.

You can copy the data from your old lead information and paste it into the corresponding field in the Real Geeks import file. 

Within just a few minutes, you can have your ENTIRE database uploaded to the Real Geeks platform. This gives your contacts full access to use your website for their real estate searching needs. 




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