Managing Leads in the CRM App


The Real Geeks CRM App makes it easy to stay up to date and connect with your clients while on the go.

Track lead activity with instant push notifications, stay organized, and quickly contact leads all within this easy-to-use application. 

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Creating New Leads

Quickly add new leads to your CRM while you are on the go with the Real Geeks CRM mobile app. Simply click the “New Lead” icon in the top right-hand corner of the Leads page in the mobile app to add your new contact. Any contacts added to your mobile app will show up on the desktop version of your CRM as well.


Organizing Your Leads

Stay organized by using the “Filter” and “Sort” options to quickly filter your database to display specific contacts. 

The “Filter” option will allow you to either display all of your leads, or a subset of your database using the pre-made CRM filters and any saved Advanced Search filters created on the desktop version of the CRM.


The “Sort” option will allow you to sort the displayed leads based on specific criteria such as when they were last active on your website (Last Active) or the number of searches performed on your website (Number of Searches).




"How do I import leads in bulk to my App?"

Contact lists must be imported using the desktop version of your Real Geeks CRM/Lead Manager. You can learn more about accomplishing this here.

"Am I able to sync my phone contacts to the App?"

We are unable to automatically sync your phone contacts to the App at this time.

"Can I use Ponds within the app?"

Not currently. The Real Geeks CRM Mobile App is designed to assist you in following up with leads that have been already assigned to you as an agent. While access to ponds is in the works for future releases, at this time you are unable to access lead ponds to claim leads from the CRM App. 

"How can I create a new lead filter using the app?"

Lead filters must be made using the desktop version of your Real Geeks CRM/Lead Manager at this time. Similar to pond access, creating new lead filters from the App is in the works for future releases of the application. 

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