CRM App Overview



Work your pipeline from your pocket!

Track lead activity with instant push notifications, stay organized, and quickly contact leads all within this easy-to-use application. 

Download the CRM App today!



Use Your Communication Tools and Templates

Increase productivity by reaching out to clients while you’re on the go! Call, text, and email your clients all from the CRM App.

Quickly compose new emails and texts from the App by utilizing the text and email templates you have created in your CRM.




Stay Notified With Push Notifications

The Real Geeks CRM App allows you to receive instant push notifications on your phone, keeping you up to date with activity such as new leads, lead communications, lead activity on your website, and much more.


Add New Leads and Keep Organized

Quickly add new leads to your CRM while on the go with the Real Geeks CRM App.

Simply click the “New Lead” icon to add your new contact. Any contacts added to your mobile app will show up on the desktop version of your CRM as well.

Stay organized by using the “Filter” and “Sort” options to quickly filter your database to display specific contacts.





Stay Up to Date on Your Follow-Ups and Notes

Use the CRM App to create follow-ups and save notes for your clients with ease. The App will keep you informed of the follow-ups you have each day and notify you appropriately.

Any notes or follow-ups made within the app will be accessible on the desktop version of your CRM, so whether you’re in the office or on the go, you can always stay organized.




Download the Real Geeks CRM App today!





"I work with multiple Real Geeks websites. Can I switch between different sites on the App?"

You can toggle between different Real Geeks sites on the same account by tapping the Settings button, then tapping Sites at the top of the settings menu.

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