Communicating With Leads in the CRM App


The Real Geeks CRM App makes it easy to stay up to date and connect with your clients while on the go.

Track lead activity with instant push notifications, stay organized, and quickly contact leads all within this easy-to-use application. 

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Communication Tools

Increase productivity by reaching out to clients even while you’re on the go. Call, text, and email your clients using the Action Pad found in your CRM App.

To locate the Action Pad, head over to the Leads page of your CRM App and select a lead.

Click the green Action Pad icon in the lower right-hand corner of the contact's Lead Detail Page to open the Action Pad.


From here you can call, text, or email a lead. The Action Pad also gives you the ability to create a follow-up, log an activity, add a note, or login as the user.


Text and Email Templates

Compose and send texts and emails manually from the CRM App or save time and utilize the templates you have created in your CRM to send texts and emails from the App with one click.


Please note: Text and email templates will need to be created on the desktop version of your CRM here. Once created in your CRM from a desktop computer, your text and email templates will carry over into your CRM App.

Learn more about creating text and email templates in the desktop version of your CRM here


Login as User

While logged in as a user you can save Property Searches, Super Saved Searches, and Market Reports for the lead. You can also view and edit existing searches a lead has saved, as well as their favorited properties.

Learn more about creating Saved Searches and Market Reports for your leads here.

Once you are ready to return to the app, simply click "Done" in the upper left-hand corner.




"Can I add a workflow to a lead through the app?"

Absolutely. Head over to the "Info" tab on the contact's Lead Detail Page. On the bottom of the "Info" tab you can add or remove a workflow for the lead.

"Can I edit an email template after I have selected one?"

Not currently. While this is in the works for future releases, it is not available at the time. If you need to edit an email template please login to your CRM on a desktop computer and update the template here.

"Can I add merge fields to an email in the CRM App?"

Merge fields cannot be added at this time. If you need to add a merge field to an email please login to your CRM on a desktop computer to send the email or create a new email template from a desktop computer with the merge field included in the template. 


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