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There are many types of pages you can use on your website to put your Real Geeks site to work for you. In this article, we will briefly discuss each type of page available for you to customize. Select a page type below to learn more!

Topics discussed in this article:

Agent Landing Pages

Agent Landing Pages are content pages that have the ability to override the assignment process and assign leads to a specific landing page based on the agent landing page that they arrive to the website through.

More information on Agent Landing Pages can be found here: Adding and Editing Agent Landing Pages

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Area Pages

Area pages allow you to customize your searches and provide information on specific areas within your market. Area Pages can include information about Counties, Cities, Neighborhoods, Subdivisions, etc... in your market. These pages can be used in social media campaigns, and as information tools to educate users about specific locations within your area.

More information on Area Pages can be found here: Adding and Editing Area Pages

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Content Pages

Content pages can contain arbitrary content, but for your convenience, we've provided a few handy templates for common use cases. These can be selected from the "Template" dropdown in the "Page Content" section.

More information on Content Pages can be found here: Adding and Editing Content Pages

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Home Page/ Blog Home Page


The "Home page" is the first page that's displayed at your base website address. It is the single, front-facing page that users see when they first navigate to your domain at:

The "Blog home page" is the first page users see when they visit your blog. As you create new blog posts, they will all show up on your site:

There can be only one of these as well, and they are set up by default to link to the various sections of your blog.

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Market Report Pages

Market Report Pages display a condensed view of active, under contract, and sold listings. These represent a snapshot of the market and are updated daily. Aggregate data - averages such as list price and days on market - are also displayed for each section.

More information on created Market Report Pages can be found here: Adding and Editing Market Report Pages

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Property Landing Pages

Property Landing Pages are a great way to market & leverage your listings to get new leads through social networks. An example would be a Facebook post of a listing with an image and key data to encourage click-through to view pricing, more information, and additional images.

More information on generating Property Landing Pages can be found here: Property Landing Pages

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Property Valuation Page

Enabling the Seller Leads Generation Tool will also enable access to a Property Valuation Page for your site.  The client-facing page can be located at:

This page has a search bar allowing leads to enter their home address for a valuation request. Interacting with the search bar will export the details to the lead manager, creating a new lead.

More information on the Property Valuation Page can be found here: Seller Lead Valuation Tool

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