Product Updates & Changelog


August 2021

  • NEW! Real Geeks has made it easier to get around with a new navigation.
  • An activity is logged when a user watches a video message sent out of real geeks.
  • Various Bug fixes and improvements.
  • CRM App:
    • Added the ability to insert/attach media when composing emails.
    • Added the ability to swipe to the next/previous lead details via the screen header.
    • Automatically add signature when sending emails.
    • Added release notes, Coaching Videos, Webinars and Keeping it real in the Settings/Help screen.
    • Added support for Chat in Conversations.
    • Added ability to edit email after selecting a template.
    • Added rich text editing when composing emails.
    • Added ability to share leads.

July 2021

  • NEW! Geek AI Assistant is here to qualify for your leads while you close deals!
  • Various improvements to enhance page load speed across all templates.
  • Users can now select multiple values when filtering leads.
    • Assigned Agent
    • Assigned Lender
    • Urgency
  • CRM APP:
    • Changed default activity filter to “All Activities” from “All Communications”
    • Can update “bad” email
    • Select text within activities to share/copy
    • Multitaskers won’t lose draft messages
  • Various bug fixes and updates.

June 2021

  • NEW! Anna the new site template is available for new customers (home page, content pages and team pages)
    • Search results page updated for Anna
  • Users can now select multiple values when filtering leads.
    • Status
    • Property type
    • Tags 
  • Added new activity type for “Texted” for CRM
  • CRM APP 
    • Added Tags
    • Added ability to switch between sites without logging out
    • Added Ponds
    • Added support for larger font sizes
  • Various bug fixes and updates.

May 2021

  • NEW! Real Geeks CRM App for ANDROID is here! 
  • NEW! Onboarding experience for new CRM users
  • Added Important Dates to CRM App
  • Streamlined Log Activity screens in CRM App
  • Various bug fixes and upgrades

Apr 2021

  • NEW! Real Geeks Video Messaging is now available for all users! 
  • Various bug fixes and upgrades

Mar 2021

  • NEW! Real Geeks CRM App for IOS live in the app store! 
  • GeekAI: Assistant is now in limited Beta.
  • Various bug fixes and upgrades

Feb 2021

  • Real Geeks CRM App for IOS is available for Beta testing. 
  • New Onboarding experience for the Facebook Marketing Tool. 
  • Resolved issue with case-matching for email addresses across system.
  • Resolved issues related to text messaging.
  • Various bug fixes and upgrades

Jan 2021

  • Added SMS support for Video feature and increased file size. 
  • Resolved issue when removing a user with lead assignments.
  • Admins can now add multiple sources without refreshing the page.

Dec 2020

  • NEW CRM Feature: Custom Round Robins
  • Added ability to record video from browser in Lead manager CRM
  • New sign up form experience for new users or existing users upgrading their service.

Nov 2020

  • Fixed issue with Ponds when multiple people claim a lead at the same time.
  • Various updates to video email & SMS based on beta feedback.
  • Various bug fixes and upgrades
  • Added Optimizations to type-ahead search feature for websites.

Oct 2020

  • NEW Type Ahead search feature for Real Geeks websites! 
  • Update Lead Pond notifications.
  • Added advanced lead filter for ponds
  • Fixed issues with Video email and SMS based on feedback
  • FIxed issue that cause profile image merge field in drip to malfunction.

Sept 2020

  • Video Email is now in Beta
  • Added view to Postcards to easily see saved postcard templates
  • Various bug fixes and upgrades


Aug 2020

  • Lead API now accepts Tags
  • Fixes issues with Lead ponds and claiming leads
  • Resolved issue with email sync and html formatted emails
  • Updated setup checklist for new users.


July 2020

  • Resolved issue with email sync and html formatted emails
  • Added ability to create custom lead ponds
  • Various bug fixes and upgrades
June 2020
  • CRM Lead Pond feature is now available for beta testing! Sign up as a volunteer here
  • MoveTo v1.22.6 released to App Store and Google Play. Update includes changes to price slider and search results in the list view
  • You can now reassign leads and follow-ups when deleting a user from your CRM
  • Resolved issue preventing the bulk lead import tool from accepting .XLSX files
May 2020
  • Login As User button in the CRM has been moved to accommodate for upcoming features
  • Website setup wizard now creates area market reports and adds homepage listings
  • now includes a link to login to your account
  • Improved data pulling process from BrightMLS to improve the speed of new listing updates
April 2020
  • CRM texting setup is easier than ever with our new setup wizard. Check it out here!
  • Websites now include “Schedule Virtual Tour” feature (this must be enabled in your website backend)
  • MoveTo v1.22.4 released to App Store and Google Play
  • Phone number now required when adding a new user to Lead Manager
  • Lead Manager’s Lead Assignment page has been revamped to be easier to use
March 2020
  • Chat setup is easier than ever with our new setup wizard! Check it out here!
  • Contact Us form now auto-populates the property address in the comments box
  • Website Backend now includes 9 new stock videos for your website header
  • Chat office hours now allows you to select your available days
  • Property Display Search Options now uses a dropdown instead of the text box for “number of properties”
February 2020
  • Real Geeks Postcards
  • Super Saved Searches can now be refined without losing criteria
  • Drip now comes pre-loaded with a recommended eBlast template
  • Bulk import now includes a Secondary Contact Address option
  • Drip now includes Lead Phone Number merge field
  • Agent activity no longer updates “Last Active Date” in CRM
  • Save this Search button is now visible on the mobile version of map search
  • Lead Capture Via Chat is now called Chat with Potential Leads
January 2020
  • MoveTo for Android
  • Websites now have Lead Capture via Chat! Check it out here!
  • Live Chat now supports sending and receiving emojis
  • Website filebrowser now supports HTML files
  • You can now add a profile picture to your Lead Manager profile
  • Live Chat now automatically suggests responses to lead activity and messages
December 2019
  • Lead Manager now has agent profile pictures
  • You can now chat with website visitors before they sign up
  • Facebook Ad Tool now helps you verify your domain with Facebook
  • Website Admin “History” feature is now called the “Versions” feature
  • Lead Manager now creates reoccurring follow-ups for important dates
November 2019
  • MoveTo for Android is now available for beta testing! 
  • The Lead Manager now includes a template library! Check it out here!
  • Improved city targeting dropdown on Real Geeks Facebook Ad Tool
  • You can now automatically import leads exported from the Lead Manager
  • Added notice regarding how much adding a new user will cost monthly
  • Resolved saving issue with Live Chat office hours
October 2019
  • Real Geeks Live Chat
  • PieSync integration is now live! Learn more about that here!
  • Websites now have the ability to revert changes
  • Facebook Ad Tool now supports custom audiences
  • Merge fields can now be used instantly when texting your leads
  • The SMS (texting) icon in the Lead Manager has been updated to lessen confusion between opening a chat and text
  • Fixed issue where numbers were being marked as bad when adding a number to a lead that didn’t previously have a number
  • Fixed issue on MoveTo where “reset filters” button was not working for certain filters
September 2019
Real GeeksReal Geeks
Using PieSync, many other lead generation services and CRMs can be integrated and synchronized, keeping information consistent across multiple platforms. PieSync is a paid service, although certain... (11 kB)
  • Webinars can now be accessed through the waffle menu (nine black dots)
  • Lender can be assigned when a lead is created via a Third-Party integration (such as PieSync or Zapier)
  • Ad Targeting can be done within the Facebook Ad Tool
August 2019
  • Website Admin now includes a “Tooltip” feature. This is located to the right of the Change button and provides you with more information about each section
  • Lead Manager user interface no longer cuts Auto Responder Texts short
  • Single Search Lead Ad now correctly sets the Saved Search criteria
  • Improved lead activity search filters in the Lead Manager
July 2019
  • Updated Docs Homepage
  • Launched Real Geeks Email Sync for Lead Manager to replace
  • New Conversation-Style Texting in the Lead Manager
  • Lenders can now utilize texting features
  • Real Geeks Facebook Ad Tool can now create Instagram Ads
  • MoveTo App now has additional company branding
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