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Below are some of the most frequently asked questions. Click on a question below to learn more.

What are the browser requirements for Real Geeks?

Our sites are designed for use on modern browsers and mobile devices such as:

Real Geeks supports the following browsers for all client-facing pages:

  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer 9+
  • Safari 7+

What if I can't get away from using Internet Explorer?

It's understandable if your MLS, banking, or other enterprise service requires you to use Internet Explorer, but that doesn't mean you can't also use a more modern browser:

  • Run multiple browsers

Switch to a modern browser for your daily usage, and use Internet Explorer only to access those broken sites.

  • Run a modern browser and embed IE

Firefox and Chrome support (via extensions) embedding an Internet Explorer frame within your browser, and it can be set up to do so for a whitelist of sites.



Why don't my properties pop up a registration box?

There are 3 possible reasons this is happening

  1. You are already logged in. You won't see boxes pop up if you have already logged in. Clicking on links from email updates automatically logs you in.
  2. You have the forced registration disabled. You can turn off the registration in Site settings by changing the value of Lead Capture On Property
  3. You are visiting a property linked from your homepage/ content page/ area page. If you pull in properties on your pages, these property links will have a different URL (/property/MLSnumber usually) and will not require the user to sign up. We do this for two reasons. One is because users can get to these properties without doing a search. If they don't do a search and then sign up, we can't save their first search automatically, which results in them getting email updates that match their search. The other reason is that these pages can be indexed by Google, which may frown on forced registration dialogs. “If Google can't have some reasonable assurance a page in your site is going to result in the searcher being able to view its content, they can't return it their results.”

Should I let Google index my detailed property pages?

This is a personal decision and there is no correct answer for every situation. We generally recommend you build up your site as an authority before enabling this.

What should I set "Lead Capture On Property" to?

We have done some testing on several of our sites to see which generates the most conversions. We have found that the default setting (requiring registration to see any properties) is the best.

What is the difference between the "Log-on" email in the lead manager and the linked Gmail Account?

  • Emails from the lead manager (notifications etc) go to your “logon” email.
  • Emails from you come from your linked Gmail

You can have them both be the same or keep them different, whatever is most convenient for you.

What does the error message "The Google Account you have linked does not have an associated Gmail account" mean?

Some google accounts do not have Gmail capability. Your agent will have to link an account that does. Go here to see what all “products” your account has enabled: Gmail has to be in there for that to work.

What are the different types of automatic emails sent from the system?

  1. If your client does a search and signs up for the site, we send the autoresponder email you can edit in If this email isn't going out, see “Why don't my properties pop up a registration box?” in this FAQ.
  2. If your client clicks the contact button and fills out the form, and the client is asssigned to an agent, or you have round-robin rotation going, the auto-responder email from your lead manager settings will be sent.
  3. We send out automatic updates matching their saved searches daily. You can customize the signature at the bottom of these emails in

What if my leads' Facebook profiles images are not pulling in?

When people sign in with Facebook, the only things we are getting from Facebook are (1) their name and (2) their email.

We then ask for their phone number, which Facebook does not give us.

As a separate process, we use a third-party service called FullContact which attempts to pull their social profiles in based on their name and email.

Depending on the users’ Facebook privacy settings, we might be able to get their profile from FullContact, and we might not. Just because they used the Facebook login button doesn’t mean that we automatically get their profile.

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