Linking Pages to the Sidebar


After making a page within Real Geeks, the page is not automatically linked on the website.

Unless you manually link newly created pages somewhere on your website, the page will remain a private link (a link that can only be accessed by someone knowing the slug or link associated with the page).

One of the most popular locations to link pages is in the Sidebar (click here to learn more about Sidebars).

To link a page to a Sidebar:

1. From your Site Backend, click on the Sidebars link under the Content heading.


2. Click the name of the Sidebar you would like to update 


3. Type the name of your page in the Anchor Text field.  The Anchor Text is what will show up on the website (Make sure to avoid any typos)

4. Place your target page's Slug in the provided field. The Slug can be found in your area or content page, in the field marked as "Slug". (It's recommended to copy the slug directly, to avoid a typo). Be sure to include a "/" before and after the slug. This is REQUIRED in order to ensure the page links properly


5. Repeat adding your links (using the Add Link) button until you have added enough items

6. To add more sidebar Items (Sections), press "Add another Sidebar Item" add_sidebar_item.png

7. Click "SAVE"  save.png at the bottom when you are finished

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