Wufoo Forms


Use Wufoo to create custom forms, send leads your Home Buyer Tips PDF, create blog surveys and more!

Wufoo is a third-party application that helps build custom online forms. Look at their Form Gallery for examples. Free accounts are available for users creating only a few forms.

How do I sync my Wufoo form with the Lead Manager?

This is available through third party integration with Zapier. Learn more about integrating your Leadmanager with Zapier.

1. Create your Wufoo account and form.

2. Create a new lead source in the Lead Manager, identifying leads that have been imported via your Wufoo form.

3. Integrate your Lead Manager with Zapier.

If an existing lead completes your Wufoo form, and you've connected the form to Zapier, the lead's source will change to “Sent using Zapier”. The existing lead's details will also change depending on your “Zap” (Zapier) settings. For example, if your Zap settings indicate that Wufoo entries are “Seller” under Type, the existing lead will change to Seller in lead manager.

How do I use Wufoo on Facebook?

1. Create your Wufoo form. 2. Press Share. 3. Select Embed and copy the Embed Code.

4. Create a status update on your Facebook page, pasting the copied embed code.

5. After the box appears containing your form name and description, replace the embed code with text of your choice. You can also click on the description to highlight and edit it at this time.

Your Facebook visitors will be able to click on the post and be directed to your Wufoo form.

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