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Two-Way Integration

Connect your Real Geeks platform to Follow Up Boss (FUB) with our new 2-way integration! 

This means new lead contact information and website activity in Real Geeks can be synced into FUB for improved visibility. 

Additionally, leads that are assigned to an agent in Real Geeks will be also assigned to that same agent in FUB



  • Agents must use the same email in Real Geeks and FUB. Click Here to view or add your agents in Real Geeks, and confirm your team's email addresses. 
  • Avoid using the Real Geeks Pond System. Leads that are sent to the Real Geeks Pond means that there will be no assigned agent in FUB. Instead, the lead would be assigned using your FUB Lead Flow rules.  
  • Avoid using the Follow Up Boss Pond System. Leads that are sent to the Follow Up Boss Pond will not be updated in Real Geeks until another agent claims that lead. 


Connect FUB to Real Geeks

  1. In FUB, go to Integrations and click Real Geeks.
  2. Choose Connect Real Geeks
  3. Under Connection Details, copy the Account ID number. This ID will be needed later!
  4. Scroll down and click Connect Real Geeks Site
  5. Select your website in the Real Geeks list that appears. 
  6. Scroll down until you find FUB, and click Connect
  7. Enter your Account ID (copied from Step 3) in the Account ID field
  8. Click Save


Use Real Geeks' Lead Assignment

  1. Visit your Real Geeks Lead Assignment page.
  2. On an agent-by-agent basis, change the Status to Available

Learn more about Lead Assignment rules here!


What Data is Synced? 

  • First/Last Name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Agent Assignments
  • Property Information
      • Property Inquiries
      • Property Views
      • Properties Saved
      • Properties Shared
      • Searches Performed
      • Searches Saved
      • Home Valuation Inquiries
      • Property Search Tags


One-Way Integration 

This integration option will send your Real Geeks information to Follow Up Boss, and keep your data updated. 

Information updated in Follow Up Boss will not be updated in Real Geeks using this method!


One Way Integration: Real Geeks → Follow Up Boss

  1. Find your Lead Email Address in Follow Up Boss
  2. Go to the Real Geeks Profile page, located in the Settings.
  3. Enter/Paste the Lead Email Address in the Alternate Emails field.
  4. In the same page, scroll down to My Notification Preferences
    1. Select Custom
    2. Under the Alternate Email column, place a checkmark in: 
      • New Leads
      • Seller Leads Valuation Inquiry
      • Incoming Text Messages from Leads
      • Leads Request a Tour


This step is required, as these options update your lead information in FUB.


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