Adding Social Media Links to your Website



Offer your website visitors simple access to your social media! This information is typically placed in the website Footer



Please ensure that you have your social media profile pages available for copying and pasting.

  1. Go to
  2. Click Settings, then Edit Website

  3. Under Sitewide Elements, click Footers
  4. Select Default Footer
  5. Click Insert/Edit Image where you want to place your logos

  6. Click Source

  7. Select Upload to choose an image from your device
  8. Click Insert next to your chosen image

  9. Click Ok
  10. With the image selected, click Insert/Edit Link

  11. Paste the link of your social media page and click Ok


Download Official Logos

Download a social media icon from our logo library, or access the official brand logos for social media, below, to download logos of favorite social media platform. These images can be downloaded (for free) and provide a sleek and professional way to share your social media with website visitors.

facebook logo.png
Instagram logo.png
linkedin logo.png
x logos.png
youtube logo.png

rg playbook placement.jpg

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