Linking to Videos through the Drip System


Real Geeks does not automatically have a way to add videos to Drip Campaigns automatically. However, we do have a way to make adding video links in your Drip templates possible.

Following these steps will allow you to add your desired image to your Drip templates that will open up the video to play in a new tab (just as many video email services do).


1. Open your Real Geeks Drip system at

2. Under the ‘Emails’ tab, select Add an Email.


3. Add your email Name, Subject, and any content you want to include in the message.

4. Find the video you would like to upload (this can be from a video host like Youtube or Vimeo - you will not be able to pull the video directly from your computer).

5. Copy the link for the video to be pasted later.

6. Take a screenshot of the video wherever you like. This could be:

  • Before the video plays so it looks like clicking the video will play it.
  • During the video to show what it will look like.
  • A gif of the video (if you want to try and create one).

7. In the Drip template, click the Image icon to upload a photo.


8. Click “Upload” and choose your saved photo from your files.


9. Select “Insert” to pull the photo into the template (select Versions to choose a size if need be).

10. Highlight the image and click the “Insert/Edit link” button.


11. Paste the link to the video where it shows “URL” and change the Target dropdown to “New Window”.


12. Click “Ok” and then Save the template.

13. Add this to your Drip campaigns or use it to eblast to your leads!

Now, any time a lead receives this email either via a Drip Campaign or Eblast, they will be able to click the image that opens up that video in a new tab and will play for them.

If you have any questions with this process, feel free to reach out to our support team via email at or by calling (844)311-4969 ext 2 and we're happy to help!

You can also find more information about the Real Geeks Video Messaging feature here.

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