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 Your CRM Profile is where you can add your contact information (to be used in merge fields across the CRM), and configure things like your notification preferences, email signature, Inquiry Auto-Responder Email, and round-robin status. 

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To access your CRM profile, click here or head to and select "Settings".


Contact Details

Real Geeks uses the information from this section of your CRM profile to pre-populate content and templates. You will also add in this section the primary email address, any alternate email addresses, and the mobile phone number you would like your notifications sent to. To learn more about notification destinations, click here



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Email Signature

The email signature field will be added automatically to all emails sent from the CRM. This field supports only plain text at this time.


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Profile Image

Your Profile Image will be utilized by your Live Chat feature, and the {{AGENT_PROFILE_IMAGE}} merge field (if used in a CRM communication). 


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Inquiry Auto Responder

This email is sent automatically when a user on your website inquires about a property or submits a contact form. Completing the Inquiry Auto Responder field is optional. If you do not complete the Inquiry Auto Responder field, no auto-responder email will be sent to a user after inquiring about a property or submitting a contact.


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Round Robins

A Round Robin is a team setting that works to distribute leads across various team members in the CRM. If you (or another CRM user) wish to start receiving leads from a specific Round Robin, toggle that Round Robin to "Available" here.

Round Robins can be further configured here, or by heading to > "Settings" > "Lead Assignment".


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