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Estate IQ is the powerful Home Valuation Tool included with your Real Geeks website and is designed to help agents like you generate seller leads through your website. This valuable tool answers the common question “What is my home worth?” using the latest data to deliver an estimate on the value of a property and insights into market activity. 

EstateIQ was enabled on new Real Geeks websites starting in April 2024. To provide an improved user experience and increase lead conversion rates, EstateIQ will replace the older home valuation experience on all existing Real Geeks websites on June 18, 2024. If you have a Real Geeks website you don’t need to do anything to enable EstateIQ; it’s all done for you.

Please Note

Estate IQ provides an estimated valuation of a property based on its address. However, some properties may not receive an immediate valuation. In such cases, agents are informed about the completed registration, and the new leads are presented an on-screen message that an agent will contact them shortly.

In addition to providing an on-demand estimate, your new lead will also start receiving a monthly market report. This report contains a list of comparable properties in the property's Zip Code. This step helps maintain regular communication with potential leads and build longer-lasting relationships with contacts through the Real Geeks CRM.

Preview your Estate IQ Landing Page

  1. Visit your Website Administration (Website Editor) Page. This can be found on your website by adding “/admin” to your website’s URL (e.g,
  2. Under the Home Valuation section, click Landing Page & Auto Responder Settings
  3. Click the Landing Page URL

What is included in the Property Valuation?

When a potential lead uses the Estate IQ tool, they will receive a personalized property estimate based on local real estate data. This tool gives them a detailed value of their property and helps them keep track of their estimated equity. It also shows them different refinancing options suitable for their situation. All these features come with direct contact links, so they can reach out to you if they need more help or have any questions.

Enhanced landing page layout

Streamlined sign up process

More opportunities to connect


Auto-Responder Email Templates

When a potential customer signs up for a home valuation on your website, they will receive an automated email right away. These emails are pre-written and can be used as is, but you can also customize them to make a more personal connection with your customers.

There are two possible scenarios when a customer uses the tool:

  • they will either receive an estimate immediately on the screen
  • or they will be notified that an agent will contact them with a personalized estimate. 

The system will monitor the interaction and send an email based on the outcome. In both cases, you have the option to personalize the email, giving you more control over the information you send to your new contact.

Use the custom Merge Fields to personalize the email further with customer information.

Merge Fields List

  • [street_address] - inserts the address of requested property
  • [website_url] - inserts the url of your website
  • [quick_login_url] - inserts a link the user can click on to log into their account and edit their profile
  • [first_name] or [last_name] - inserts the user's first or last name, as specified in their profile.
  • [Agent Signature] - inserts the user's first or last name, as specified in their profile.


The Lead Journey Explained: Receiving an Estimate

When a lead uses the tool by entering their address information, they will be prompted to register with their name, email address and phone number. After completing the form, the lead will have access to a full report of their property.

Some leads may leave when they are prompted to give their contact information. Even if the lead does not provide their full contact information, their address will be automatically recorded for you in the Real Geeks CRM.

Please Note

Try sending a custom postcard through Real Geeks in order to reach these address-only leads.


Receive a Home Valuation for Multiple Properties

Leads can use the Estate IQ tool to receive an estimated value on multiple properties. After performing a valuation for their first property, the contact gets a personal profile that displays all of their property values. This profile helps leads manage their properties, view valuation reports, and contact their agent easily using this tool.

To claim another home after receiving a custom valuation for your property:

  1. Select the menu above your home estimate
  2. Select Claim Another Home.


Custom Valuation Page Integration

Agents will still have the ability to create a custom valuation page for your website. These custom pages allow you to personalize a valuation page to advertise specific markets, and create seo-optimized content to empower your website on search engines.

When a lead performs an estimate on these pages, they will be forwarded to the Estate IQ report to capture their lead information and provide a robust evaluation of their property and nearby market.



  • What is Estate IQ?
    • Estate IQ is a state-of-the-art home evaluation tool that offers custom property valuations and an exceptional user experience
  • Why do i only see an address in the CRM with no contact information?
  • What is the cost to use this feature?
    • This tool is included in the Real Geeks platform at no additional cost.
  • What will happen to the current in-house valuation tool?
    • On June 18, 2024, the older home valuation experience will be replaced  by this new, modernized home valuation tool to ensure our customers benefit from the best technology available.
  • I have a custom valuation tool on my site. Can I continue using it?
    • Absolutely. We understand that some of our customers have customized solutions. Our platform allows these customers to continue using these customized solutions if they choose to.
  • How does the Home Valuation tool calculate a property estimate?
    • Real Geeks uses a service called Black Knight to generate a property price estimate. This service relies on public tax records to provide estimates and will provide the lead with a general estimate of the property's value.
  • How will Estate IQ improve lead generation?
    • Estate IQ's engaging interface, property data, location information, and market data significantly boost user interaction. The ability to get custom, expert valuations from an actual agent with one click significantly improves lead conversion and lead quality.
  • Will Estate IQ work on all devices?
    • Yes, Estate IQ is designed to be responsive and functional across all devices and will be available on the MoveTo app provided to your leads.
  • Can I customize the look of Estate IQ to match my branding?
    • No, Estate IQ is not able to be customized at this time.
  • Can I access old valuations from the in-house valuation tool?
    • Yes, all historical data will continue to be available and accessible.
  • Is Onboarding Infomatics still available as an option?
    • No - Black Knight is the only data source available for use with Estate IQ.
  • Do the valuations produced have any limitations?
    • The estimated value is limited by the available data used to make the estimate. This limitation depends on the property's location and age, as newer homes may have less accessible data to generate an accurate valuation.
  • Can I provide an estimate without asking a contact to sign up?
    • There is no way to turn off the lead capture form. This tool serves as a landing page designed to capture lead contact information to connect with more potential leads.
  • How secure is client data within Estate IQ?
    • Estate IQ adheres to strict data security protocols to ensure all client information is securely handled.
  • Can the customer receive updates on their estimate?
    • Yes! In fact, they automatically receive updates on a monthly basis. Leads who request a property valuation will be automatically subscribed to a Monthly Market Report. The report will show a comparison of their property with similar properties in the area, based on the zip code.
  • The feature includes a CTA to update the data about the property. Will updating this data update the valuation in real time?
    • Engaging with the CTA about updating the estimate will send a communication to the Agent for them to manually review the estimate.
  • Can I use the old home valuation tool instead?
    • We highly recommend using EstateIQ over our previous home valuation tool; it’s a better user experience with higher lead conversion rates. If you still want to use the old tool, you can contact our Support team to switch back.


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