MLS Approval


Your MLS board must approve your Real Geeks website before MLS listing data can be displayed on your website. Because of this, MLS approval is a high-priority step in your step-up process. 

Each MLS board has different requirements that must be completed before the MLS will give approval for your IDX website.

You are typically provided with these requirements at the time of sign-up, but you may email if you need your MLS approval instructions re-sent to you.


Expedite MLS Approval

Below you will find some common MLS requirements for approval. If an item below is required for your MLS approval process, click on the item to learn more.

Complete your Website setup

Register as a DMCA Designated Agent


Add your brokerage logo to the Website

Update your logo and brokerage information


Update Your Logo and Brokerage Information

In this short video, we'll cover adding your brokerage logo to the website, and your brokerage information to the footer. These steps will help expedite your MLS approval.


If you have any questions, please reach out to our support team via email at or by phone at (844) 311-4969 ext 2.


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