The Benefits of Postcards

Real estate postcards are a great way to engage with your leads! They help you build brand awareness and nurture your farm to get more listings! Earn the business of leads in your database, even those leads who have only provided an address (also known as Potential Sellers).

Ready-To-Send Postcards

Our postcard feature comes included with Ready-To-Send Postcards is the fastest way to get started!

To send a postcard:

Step 1 Go To Your Lead Manager

Step 2 Search For The Leads You Want To Mail

Step 3 Click the Actions button → Postcards

Step 4 Complete the Postcard Selection Process

  • Determine who you want to send the postcards as (you or the assigned agent)
  • Select the Ready-To-Send postcard you would like to use
  • Preview the postcards with real data before sending
  • Review the estimated cost of your postcards
  • Click “Confirm & Send”

Step 5 View Sent Postcards

  • Click “Review Your Work” to view the status of your recently sent postcards

Custom Postcards

If you want to create a custom postcard, our postcard feature includes a postcard builder! You can edit the text, font, colors, images, and merge fields of our provided templates.


To build a postcard, click on the waffle menu and Select Postcards:

Step 1 Select a size

Step 2 Choose a front and back template from our library

Step 3 Customize the front and back of your postcard

Step 4 Review your work

Step 4a If you saw this warning when inserting images in steps 2 or 3, please go back and choose a different image. Images with different dimensions may be resized before printing.  Screen_Shot_2021-02-24_at_8.13.39_AM.png 


Step 5 Name your new design

Step 6 View your customized postcards

Step 7 Now send your new, customized postcard off to your leads using the steps here!



Is there any additional cost for this feature?

Nope. This feature of our platform comes at no extra cost to you! It’s free because we want to empower you to take your business to the next level and provide you with every option possible to reach your leads.

What is the cost per postcard?

United States: 

  • 4x6 Domestic = $0.51
  • 4x6 International = $1.50
  • 6x9 Domestic = $0.66

Canada: The price of sending a 4×6 postcard is $0.87. Sending 6×9 postcards is not available at this time.

Are there pre-made postcard templates I can use?

Yes. Refer to the Ready to Send Postcards above for instructions on using these templates.

How many postcards can I send in a month?

- 100 postcards a month.

How long will it take for my postcards to be delivered?

- Estimated delivery time is 5-6 business days.

Why was my postcard not sent?

Our third party partner performs address verification. If they determine that an address is not valid, they will not send a postcard. You are not charged for postcards not sent. (This is why the price is estimated during the sending process)

When am I charged for postcards sent?

You will see charges for postcards added to your next monthly bill. As a site owner, you can see billing at

I can't see the postcard options in the CRM?

In order to access the postcard features, you will need to have that permission enabled by the site owner. You can learn more about permissions here:

If the Site Owner can't access the postcard option, submit a request a to request activation.

Who can send postcards?

Only Site Owners and Admins can send postcards.

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