CRM Bulk Actions


A breakdown of the bulk actions that can be done to leads

Bulk Actions

For both the owner and any user with admin permissions, there are a few actions that can be performed in bulk for the leads in the CRM. They are under the Bulk Actions button in the top right when in the leads tab.

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This opens up the menu of actions that can be done:

  • Bulk Update
  • Assign
  • Workflow Drip
  • Eblast
  • Postcards
  • Delete

Bulk Update

This option has its own menu of items:
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You can see that by default, the selection of leads this change will apply to is the leads in the current search. You can change this by

- using the Advanced Search in the CRM to filter leads, or

- click on the check box to the far right of each lead. Keep in mind that clicking on the check box only works for the 50 leads per page, so if you click on several and go to the next page, the others selected are unchecked

For more info on the Advanced Search click here


Once you have your selection of leads made, you can pick which option to change

  • New Flag: This will either remove the new flag or create one for the leads. You can also choose to have this action affect the assigned agent or assigned lender. For example, if you remove the new flag for the agent, that agent no longer has to perform the actions to clear it, and vice versa
  • Status: pick a new status for the leads from the existing list of status options
  • Type: choose a new type for the leads out of the existing list of types
  • Tags: Either add a brand new tag, remove a tag, or add leads to an existing tag. For details on working with Tags for leads click here
  • Urgency: change the urgency of the client from the existing list


You can bulk assign leads for either the agent or lender. For both you have:

  • Assign to another agent/lender
  • Assign to a Round Robin
  • Assign to a Pond

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Workflow Drip

You can set a group of leads to subscribe to a workflow drip, or take a group of leads on a drip and remove them from it. Maybe you have made some changes, so you need to make sure the leads don't get the rest of the steps of the workflow. Check out this support doc for details on the drip system.



Using the same filter practices as discussed above, you can send an eBlast to leads in the system. Check out this article for details on using the eBlast system.



For some leads, you may have trouble connecting, or not have enough info. For example, the leads may go through the Property Valuation Tool, but not fill out their info so you only have the home address. This is where you can use our Postcards system to try and connect and get your info out there.



Lastly, you can mass delete leads in the CRM. Keep in mind this action cannot be reversed, so be very sure you have the right leads selected. There will be a confirmation code to type each time.

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These are all the bulk actions that can be performed for leads in the CRM. Again, these can only be done by the site owner or agents with Admin permission.

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