Saved Searches & Market Reports - Quick Start Guide



Use Saved Searches and Market Reports to keep your clients updated on property changes in real-time. These automated messages will notify leads of price changes, new properties, and more, bringing them back to your website.

Over time, these messages help build stronger relationships with your leads, connecting with more of your network and keeping your website top of mind. Discover how to get started with these tools and stay connected with your leads for longer.

Saved Searches

Send a daily, weekly, monthly or even quarterly email to your contact with the latest property information in the market! This helps you stay consistent, and keep your website top of mind.

Build multiple searches at a time to introduce more unique searches. More searches means more opportunity to email your lead!

Steps to Save a Search

  1. Go to the Leads List page
  2. Select your target lead
  3. On the right, click Saved Searches

  4. Click +Add
  5. Use the website's Advanced Search to build a search for your lead
  6. Click Search
  7. At the top of the search, click Save Search 

Learn more about Saved Searches here!


Market Reports

The Market Report resource helps you provide an overview of general market activity in the area. This makes it a perfect tool for managing Seller leads, or keeping past clients and personal contacts engaged on the website. 

Steps to Save a Market Report

  1. Go to the Leads List page
  2. Select your target lead
  3. On the right, click Market Reports

  4. Click Add+
  5. Use the website's Market Report to build a report for your lead
  6. Click Go to Market Report
  7. At the top of the report, click Save Market Report & Get Monthly Updates

Learn more about Market Reports here!


Super Saved Searches

Go above and beyond for your lead, by accessing this tool to build hyper-specific searches that will satisfy even the most "picky" of clients! This agent-only tool gives you leverage to engage your lead more. 

How to Use Super Saved Search

  1. Go to the Leads List page
  2. Select your target lead
  3. On the right, click Saved Searches

  4. At the top of your lead's profile page of the website, click Create Super Saved Search

  5. Select criteria relevant to the needs of your client by Location, price, and more!
  6. Change the Sort By to organize your listings in any order
  7. Click Create Search
  8. Confirm your search's criteria to ensure the information is accurate and relevant to your client's needs

  9. Click Yes to confirm the Super Saved Search

This will make the search available for your lead to see, and can be easily shared with your lead to bring them to your website. 

Learn more about the Super Saved Search here!


Avoiding Spam

Avoiding spam filters is important in making sure that your clients are receiving the emails you send them regularly. Emails that are sent to addresses that aren't responsive, may cause future emails to be automatically placed in spam. 

Email Sunsetting

At Real Geeks, we aim to keep your leads engaged through their inboxes. To achieve this, we've introduced the Email Sunsetting feature, which reduces the frequency of your emails when your leads don't open them for a while. 

Example: If a lead on a Daily frequency doesn't open 14 consecutive emails, then they will be moved to the Weekly frequency. 

This is a protective measure to ensure that your email reputation remains intact while increasing the chances of more of your emails being seen by your leads.

Leads can be set back to their original frequency when the lead interacts with any of the emails that are sent. You can also manually adjust their frequencies at any time by clicking "Log in as user" located at the top of your lead's profile page.

Step 1: Click the "..." button | Step 2: Click Log in as user


More Tips to Avoid Spam

Here are some tips to ensure that you avoid your lead’s spam filters:

  • After creating a search for your lead, confirm with them if the search looks ok. Share a link back to your website, and remind them to be on the lookout for the update emails. When more of your emails are opened by leads, the less likely you’ll be sent to spam with other leads.
  • Regularly check with leads to ensure their search needs have not changed. Leads will engage more with emails they know has data relevant to their needs.



When do the emails get sent?

The Property Update emails are set up to deliver on a regular frequency.

  • Daily Property Emails are sent Every Day
  • Weekly Property Emails are sent Every Friday of the week
  • Bi-Weekly Property Emails are sent on the 1st and 15th of The Month
  • Monthly Property Emails are sent on the 1st of Every Month

Send real-time property updates to your leads through your website's personal mobile app, Moveto! This app is designed to be shared with your contacts to promote your website, and manage deeper connections throughout your network.  

What is included in the email sent to a lead? 

The leads are updated on: 

  • New Active listings in the area
  • Property price changes of the properties in their saved search area
  • Properties moving to Under-contract
  • Properties moving to Sold Listing 
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