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Customize Your Company Lead Assignment

Go to the Lead Assignment tab in your CRM (Click HERE)


Lead Assignment Options


Manual Assignment will require an Admin or Team Leader to assign each lead created or sent to the Lead Manager to the desired agent


Round Robin 

The Round Robin is a way to automatically assign leads to each agent equally. Make sure the lead assignment type is set to Round Robin and set each agent to either Available or Not Available. There are three tabs to indicate the different round robin agent settings available for Property SearchesProperty Valuations and Third Party Sources


Weighted Round Robin

The Weighted Round Robin feature allows a site owner or manager to automatically assign leads to individuals based on the weight assigned to the agents, generally a number between 1 and 10.

How does it work?

Here’s an example scenario:

Samantha, Ashley, Samantha and Agent work at XYZ Realty. They've decided that agents with the most seniority should receive a greater share of the leads that come through their website. Agent, the owner, sets up their lead assignment under the Round Robin section by selecting Weighted Round Robin as the type. She then adds the numbers as follows:

As you can see, the numbers are not percentages and do not add up to 100. In the example above, for every 1 lead that Ashley gets, Samantha gets 5, Agent gets 9 and Todd gets 6. You could also arrange it so that only selected agents receive more leads while everyone else is set to 1


If an agent goes on vacation, or decides not to receive website leads, you can set their status to Not Available on all tabs where the round robin feature is enabled.


Geographic Round Robin

The Geographic Round Robin allows site owners and/or managers to automatically assign leads to agents based on geographic location and it will evenly divide the leads among every agent assigned to a region.

This feature is for any site owner or manager who has multiple agents and who assigns leads based on region(s)


(Weighted) Geographic Round Robin

The Weighted Geographic Round Robin feature allows a site owner or manager to automatically assign leads to individuals based on two factors: geographic location and a weight. Put simply, if a lead comes in that is interested in a particular region, that lead will go to the agent assigned to that region. If there are multiple agents in a region, it will use the weight to distribute the leads appropriately between any number of agents.

This feature is for any site owner or manager who has multiple agents and who assigns leads based on region


Example Scenario

Let’s say we have five counties in our MLS: Lets say we have five counties in our MLS: Sarasota, Pinellas, Manatee, Hillsborough, and Charlotte. We additionally have 3 additional agents working under us: Todd, Samantha, and Ashley

Most team members are able to work in most of these counties, however Todd is unable to work in Pinellas county since it is too far of a commute to make that trip. This means Samantha and Ashley will have their share of leads who sign up to look at properties in Pinellas county.

However, Samantha is a newer agent, and we would like to give seniority to Ashley. This means we would want to give Samantha a lower “weight” than the other agents in the area, Ashley. We will give Ashley a weight of “5” and Samantha a weight of “1”. So for every 1 lead that Samantha receives in the CRM/Lead Manager, Ashley would receive 5

Getting Started

If you would like to use this feature, you'll need to decide how you would like your regions divided. In Hawaii, for instance, we divide our regions based on the county (which are conveniently all separate islands).

The best way is to fill out our support form with a list of the regions you see and search, and how you'd like them to show up in the backend.

Example Request

Hi Realgeeks,

I would like to use the Geographic Round Robin feature, can you please divide up my counties as follows?

- Sarasota West Side

- Pinellas West Side

- Manatee East Side

- Hillsborough East Side

- Charlotte East Side



Joe Everyman

Once we receive and process your request, you can login to the Lead Manager and begin setting up your lead assignment. In the Lead Manager, click on Settings and then Lead Assignment to begin this process. You can select the type of round robin you would like to use, using the drop down, then you should see a list similar to the one below.

Adjust the region and weight on the agents you would like to include in the round robin. Any agents not assigned a region will be left out of the automatic distribution of leads and will need to be manually assigned leads. Additionally, any region not included in the round robin selection, will need to have its leads manually assigned to an agent.

Idle Lead Reassignment

Idle Lead Reassignment will reassign idle leads. If the first agent does not have any activity on the lead within the allotted time (Time Until Idle), it will move to the next available agent in the Round Robin. If the second agent does not have any activity on the lead within the allotted time, it will not matter and the lead will remain assigned to the second agent.

You can also set the system to send the lead to a custom "Lead Pond" where any agent who has permission to access that list can claim the missed lead as their own. To learn more about the Lead Pond feature, please click HERE


Office Hours

Office Hours and the Idle Lead Reassignment are meant to work together. You can set hours in the Lead Manager in which the reassigning idle leads will be active. If Hours Until Idle is greater than the Office Hours then Office Hours will have no effect on Idle Lead Reassignment.


Bulk Reassignment

Go in the CRM to the Leads tab and check the boxes to the right of the leads you would like to reassign (or assign if they are unassigned).

On the top right of the page, click the Actions buttonactions.png and select Assign.

The options for Agent/Lender, you can either choose an agent/lender, round robin, lead pond or unassigned. If you choose Round Robin, then you will need to specify which round robin you would like to do.

Now, check the Confirm Reassign box and click Reassign reassign.png


Create a Round Robin

Creating a custom round robin gives you the chance to assign leads to specific agents based on how certain leads come to the website, or Source. This gives you the chance to control what sources are assigned to buyers agents, sellers agents, agents that work in certain conditions, or certain marketing opportunities. 

To create a new round robin:

1. Go to the Real Geeks Customize Tab (click HERE)

2. Click "Round Robins" in the Customize menu on the left-hand side

3. Select "New" new.png

4. Enter the Round Robin name

5. Click "Add" add.png


By pressing the "Users" button next to your newly-created round robin, you can control which "Round Robin Type" is used here, and which agents are available for this particular round robin

Source Assignments

Allows you to rewrite which source (system or custom) assigns to which Round Robin. For example, an agent who may want their "Website Market Report" leads can now be assigned to their own separate "Market Report" round robin

To do this: 

1. Go to the Real Geeks Customize Tab (click HERE)

2. Select "Edit" edit.png next to the Source that will be customized

3. On the right-side, choose your assignment method from the "Lead Assignment" dropdown menu 

4. Click "Update" update.png



My idle lead reassignment isn't working. Am I doing something wrong?

99% of the time, this is because the Enabled/Disabled field is set to “Disabled”. Additionally, if there are no other agents assigned to the region of the lead in question, that lead will have nowhere to go and won't move.

What happens if a Lead inquires about a region I don’t have set up in my Geographic Round Robin?

If a region is not in the Geographic Round Robin, these leads will come through as unassigned. We can prevent this, by creating an Else category. This functions like any other region, it just covers leads from any region that is not already defined in the round robin.

Can I distribute my leads based on city / zip code?

Yes, but we wouldn't advise it if it isn't the top-level search field on your search forms. Because you don't necessarily have to select a city or zip code to perform a search – you'll have many leads that won't get thrown into the round robin. Which is totally okay, you just won't reap the full benefit of automatically assigned leads.

Why are my leads being assigned to the wrong region?

If a lead inquires about properties in multiple regions, it will always be assigned according to the Else category. This is why we always recommend using the top-level search, as this makes it less likely for leads to inquire about properties in two regions.

How do I figure out how many leads each of my agents will get if I have more than one in a single region?

Take the weight of one of your agents and divide it by the total weight of all of the agents in that region, then multiply by 100. That number represents the percentage of leads that will go to that agent.

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