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Welcome to the online help guide for the Lead Assignment tool in your CRM settings! This guide will provide you with a brief introduction to help you decide the right method of lead assignment for you and your team.

Please Note

Agents can only see leads that are assigned to them in the CRM. Admins and Team Leaders can be granted permission to view other agent’s leads.

Finding Lead Assignment

To access the Lead Assignment feature in the Real Geeks CRM, follow these steps:

  1. Select "Users" in the CRM navigation menu
  2. Click on Lead Assignment

Manual Lead Assignment

Team leaders have the ability to manually assign new leads to other agents within the platform. Assign leads by viewing the lead's profile and then use the Lead Assignment setting to view and update the assigned agent for that lead.


Round Robin

This method automatically distributes leads among team members in a round-robin fashion. Each team member receives leads in a fair and balanced manner, ensuring equal opportunities.

Teams have the ability to allocate leads according to their real estate goals. Assign Buyer Leads to your buyer agents and Seller Leads to your seller agents. Additionally, you can distribute leads obtained from external sources (such as Zillow, Realtor.com, etc.) to personalize the lead experience.


Weighted Round Robin

Similar to the automated round robin, this method also distributes leads in a round-robin fashion. However, it considers a custom weighting assigned to each team member based on their availability or expertise. This enables team leaders to allocate more lead flow to a specific agent on the team or gradually introduce new agents with a "low weight".


Josh and Amanda are agents on the same team. The administrator has given Amanda a weight of 2 since she is the more senior agent, while Josh receives a weight of 1. This means that for every 1 lead assigned to Josh, Amanda will be assigned 2 leads.


Geographic Round Robin

This method assigns leads to agents based on geographic criteria. Leads are distributed among team members based on their search locations. This approach is particularly useful for teams of agents that specialize in specific markets or ensuring that leads are assigned to agents licensed to work in certain states or markets.


To use this lead assignment method, you must provide Real Geeks support with a list of the geographic areas where your team operates. These areas should be organized into "regions" to which agents will be assigned. Agents will receive leads from people looking for information in these locations. This lead assignment method works best when using broad search criteria, such as state or county.


XYZ Realty operates in multiple counties and aims to assign leads to agents who are close to the lead's location for better customer service. Counties A, B, and C are known as the "North County" regions, while Counties D, E, and F are referred to as the "South County" region.

Agents can be assigned to either the North or South County regions and will only receive leads within their respective areas.

Once you have organized your areas and grouped them together, please send a request to Real Geeks support asking them to make these changes for you. You can use the template below as a guide to format the email to our team!

Hi Realgeeks,

I would like to use the Geographic Round Robin feature, can you please divide up my counties as follows?

   - County A → North County

   - County B → North County

   - County C → North County

   - County D → South County

   - County E → South County

   - County E → South County


Joe Everyman

Custom Round Robins

Create custom round robins to personalize your CRM’s lead assignment method, based on the lead’s source.

  1. Visit the CRM Customize page
  2. Select Round Robin in the customization menu
  3. Click New to create a new Round Robin

  4. Enter the name of your custom Round Robin
  5. Click Add


To assign leads from a specific source to a new round robin, select Sources in the customization menu. Click Edit to assign the source to feed into a different round robin. Alternatively, you can edit the source to send leads to a Lead Pond for agents to claim, or assign them directly to a specific agent.


Lead Assignment Availability

Team Leaders can easily manage the availability of agents in lead assignment. This feature allows for accommodating agents who require time off or controlling the flow of leads to specific team members. It ensures that available agents can promptly receive and engage with new leads.

View your agent's availability status in the Lead Assignment page of the CRM. Use the dropdown menu to update the agent's availability and ensure they are able to receive leads.


Idle Lead Reassignment

Some teams have a set time for agents to contact their leads. The Idle Lead Reassignment tool ensures that agents reach out to their leads within a specific timeframe. If an agent doesn't connect with a lead within the established timeframe, the lead will be passed will be reassigned to another agent.

To ensure timely follow-up with new leads, enable the Idle Lead Reassignment tool in the Lead Assignment page. This tool allows you to set a “Time Until Idle” for agents to reach out to the leads. If an agent fails to engage the lead within this timeframe, the contact will be automatically reassigned to the next available user or directly to a Lead Pond. This allows other agents to claim the lead and assign it to themselves.

Use the Idle Lead Reassignment Office Hours to decide when leads that have not been touched should be reassigned from the agent. This feature makes sure that agents don't have to work on leads that sign up outside of working hours. The "Time Until Idle" would start at the beginning of the Idle Lead Reassignment office hours.


Assign Leads in Bulk

Team Leaders have the ability to assign multiple leads to a single agent all at once, or distribute them among the team using a custom Round Robin method. To complete this process, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the CRM Leads List page
  2. Identify the desired leads individually by selecting the checkboxes located to the right of the page, or apply an advanced filter to select similar leads.
  3. Click on "Bulk Actions" and then select "Assign"

  4. Choose whether the leads will be reassigned to a specific agent, placed in a Round Robin rotation, or sent to a Lead Pond.
  5. Click "Next"

  6. Confirm the reassignment by checking the available checkbox, then click "Reassign".




My idle lead reassignment isn't working. Am I doing something wrong?

99% of the time, this is because the Enabled/Disabled field is set to “Disabled”. Additionally, if there are no other agents assigned to the region of the lead in question, that lead will have nowhere to go and won't move.

What happens if a Lead inquires about a region I don’t have set up in my Geographic Round Robin?

If a region is not in the Geographic Round Robin, these leads will come through as unassigned. We can prevent this, by creating an Else category. This functions like any other region, it just covers leads from any region that is not already defined in the round robin.

Can I distribute my leads based on city / zip code?

Yes, but we wouldn't advise it if it isn't the top-level search field on your search forms. Because you don't necessarily have to select a city or zip code to perform a search – you'll have many leads that won't get thrown into the round robin. Which is totally okay, you just won't reap the full benefit of automatically assigned leads.

Why are my leads being assigned to the wrong region?

If a lead inquires about properties in multiple regions, it will always be assigned according to the Else category. This is why we always recommend using the top-level search, as this makes it less likely for leads to inquire about properties in two regions.

How do I figure out how many leads each of my agents will get if I have more than one in a single region?

Take the weight of one of your agents and divide it by the total weight of all of the agents in that region, then multiply by 100. That number represents the percentage of leads that will go to that agent.

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