Adding CRM Users


Give your team member's access to your CRM by adding them as a user. A user is a person with access to the CRM. This can be an agent on your team, an admin who helps monitor your leads, or a lending partner you’d like to have access to your database.

If a team member will need access to additional tools such as your website, Workflow-Drip feature, or Facebook Ad Tool, you can grant/edit access by editing user accounts.

View Users

To view a list of users that currently have access to use the CRM, visit your Users List. By default, new users will only see leads assigned to them.

As the CRM owner, you have access to login to any of your CRM user’s profiles when necessary. 


Add a CRM User

Create a new user in the CRM to give them access to the lead management and follow-up tools.

Please note: Your first additional user is free. After that, each additional user will cost an additional $25 per month, per user. This billing change will automatically reflect on your monthly Real Geeks bill.

  1. Open your Users List
  2. Click New User

  3. Enter your user’s email address
  4. Click Check Real Geeks
  5. Enter the user’s Contact Information (name & mobile phone)
  6. Select their role as an Agent or Lender
    • Leave role set to Agent for most roles
  7. Confirm the new user cost

  8. Click Add User

A unique password will be generated and emailed to your new user to help them login. They will be prompted to update their password after logging in.

Issues logging in? Visit and click Forgot my Password to reset your password right away.


User Permissions

Provide your team with specific permission levels in your Real Geeks CRM. Manage your team more effectively by giving users permission to use only the parts of the CRM they'll need access to.

How To Change User Permissions

  1. Open your Users List
  2. Click the name of a user
  3. Scroll down to Permissions

  4. Place a check next to each permission you want the user to have 

Permission Descriptions

Learn more about the various permissions that owners/team leads can provide their users. This will grant access to certain agents, and can help your team follow company protocols.  

Permission Name Permission Description
Enable Account

Allows the user to access the CRM. When turned off, the user will not be able to access the CRM.


Allows the user to view all leads (even those not assigned to them), reassign leads, add new CRM users, update CRM user's permissions, and more!

Essentially, this permission gives the user the same permission level as the CRM owner.

Team Leader

This permission option is a step below admin level permissions. Allows the user to view, and reassign, all leads in the CRM.


Allows the user to customize their own notification settings. Learn more about personalizing Notifications.

Change Round Robin Availability

Allows the user to set themselves as “available” or “unavailable” for Round Robin lead assignment. Learn more about how to assign leads to your users.

Delete Leads

Allows the user to delete leads from the CRM.

Export Leads

Allows the user to export leads from the CRM as a CSV file.

Lead Source

Allows the user to create custom lead sources, and assign them to leads in the CRM.


Allows the user to send mass emails (eBlasts) from the CRM and access the eBlast reporting page.

Buyers List

Allows the user to access to the CRM Buyer’s List; a collection of redacted lead contact information often shared with potential sellers to showcase the total number of buyer contacts in your database. Learn more about leveraging your Buyer's List.


Delete a User

Remove users at any time with the Delete User function. This will help you remove agents from your CRM, preventing them from accessing the leads available. To delete any users:

  1. Open your Users List
  2. Click the name of a user
  3. Click Delete

  4. Use the Leads menu to select how to handle the user’s assigned leads
    • Leads can be assigned to a different agent, or divvied up using a Round Robin

  5. Use the Follow Ups menu to choose how to handle the user’s lead follow up reminders
  6. click Next
  7. Enter the Delete confirmation code then click Delete


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