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The article below provides a brief tab-by-tab overview of the different CRM settings. To learn more about a specific setting, select an item below. 

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To access your CRM settings head to and select the "Settings" tab.


General Settings

Here, you can change your contact information, autoresponder email, signature, and round-robin status. Round robin status should be changed if a user is going on vacation (set to Not Available), or moving to another area and would like the geographic round robin lead assignment method to assign him leads in the new area.

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This is just a set of checkboxes representing each event that can generate a notification. If you'd like to be notified by email each time a given event occurs, tick the corresponding checkbox. After you're done ticking and un-ticking checkboxes, the box should change into a green box. This means that your changes have been saved.

To learn more about notifications, click here.

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Lead Assignment

A lead comes into the system unassigned. If the lead assignment method is anything but manual, the lead is automatically assigned to a user (exactly how this is done depends on the method in use, details below). Then, the lead is considered new until the user changes it in some way, for example by adding an activity or scheduling a follow-up. If a lead stays new for a period of time defined in the Hours Until Idle field under the Lead Assignment subtab of the Settings tab, it will automatically be reassigned. Both the user who lost the lead and the user who gained the lead will be notified.

To learn more about lead assignment, click here


Here, you will be able to create email and text templates as well as how to set up text autoresponders.

To learn about email and text templates, click here.

To learn about sign-up responder text templates, click here.

Calendar Integration

This is where you can set up syncing your personal calendar to appear in the “Calendar” tab in the lead manager.

To learn more, click here.

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Third-Party Integration

You can use other lead generation websites to send leads into your CRM. You can send leads from your Website as they come into one of the destinations we integrate with.

To learn more about third-party integrations, click here.

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Customize s is where Additional SourcesStatusesUrgencies, and Tags can be managed. To manage these customizable attributes in the Lead Manager, simply go to Customize under the Settings tab. Navigating this page via the sidebar on the left allows switching between each customizable attribute. Each attribute table here defaults to only showing the company's custom attribute (source, status, etc), but switching between CustomSystem and All can easily be done by using the radio buttons on the top-right of the attribute table.

To learn more about customizing your CRM, click here.

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