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The Website Setup Wizard was designed to help you personalize your website in eight easy steps. From the look and feel of your website to adding popular areas and your Agent details - the Website Setup Wizard will walk you through your website personalization from start to finish in just a few minutes!  

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Accessing the Wizard

Head to and select "Start Now". If you do not see the "Start Now" button, this typically means you have already completed the Setup Wizard. The Wizard can only be completed once. 




Step 1: Website Template

There are four templates available to choose from; Anna, Miranda, Miranda-Thin, and Molly. Anna is our newest website template, and the favorite of many Real Geeks team members if you're in need of a recommendation! Click on the name of the Template above to view an example site using the template currently. The website template can be changed later in your Design Editor





Step 2: Website Colors

Step two of the Setup Wizard is to select a color scheme for your website. You can choose from any number of available color schemes, including common Brokerage colors (Brokerage color schemes are available to choose from if the Anna template is selected in step one). The website colors can be changed later in your Design Editor




Step 3: Brokerage Information

The name, address, and phone number of your Brokerage will be added during step three. If you are an Agent licensed in California, you will need to add your DRE number during this step as well. If you do not have a DRE number, you may leave this field blank. The Wizard will add this information to your Default Footer.




Step 4: Website Title

The title typically describes the purpose of the website, for example: "Orange County Real Estate Search". Using as few words as possible, describe your market, company, Brokerage, or team to come up with an effective title for your site. The website title can be changed later from your Home page




Step 5: Popular Areas

In this step, you will pick out the areas you want to be highlighted on your website. For the "Home page" field type in the area you would like shown on the very first page of your website. In the "Area 1" - "Area 4" fields, add the key areas you work and operate in. Add more than four areas by selecting "Add More Area Pages" at the bottom of the step.

The Wizard will create an Area Page and Market Report Page for each city, neighborhood, county, zip code, etc. added to an "Area..." field. Those pages will then be linked to your Default Sidebar automatically. 




Step 6: Logo Upload

Upload your brokerage logo to add your company branding to the site. Many MLS boards require your brokerage logo to be displayed on your website. Be sure to upload your brokerage logo during this step. Your logo can be changed later from your Site Settings




Step 7: Website Background

Choose from our library of images and videos to add a background to your website. You can also upload your own image. For image size recommendations, click here.

Your website background can always be changed later from your Site Settings






Step 8: Agent Information

Your name, email address, and phone number will be added during step eight. You can also add an Agent image, testimonials, and a biography or description of your experience while completing this step. Add another page to your website for a team member or business partner by clicking "Add More Agents" at the bottom of the step.

The information entered here will create a Content Page with your Agent details. The Wizard will add these pages to your About Page automatically.




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